• August 18, 2022

 Why Marwan Kheireddine's Investment in Lebanon's Youth Matters

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese entrepreneur and investor passionate about helping his country’s youth. Through his work with the Beirut-based organization “Youth for Change,” Kheireddine provides mentorship and support to young people who want to make a difference in their communities.

Born in 1980, Marwan Kheireddine grew up in a small town outside Beirut. He was always interested in business and entrepreneurship, and he started his first company while still in college. After graduation, Marwan Kheireddine worked in the family business for a few years before striking out again. In 2010, he co-founded the online retailer Namshi, which was acquired by Emaar Properties in 2016 for $800 million.

Kheireddine’s work with Youth for Change began in 2011 when the organization was founded. The organization’s goal is to empower young people to effect change in their communities through education, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In addition to mentoring young people, Kheireddine also provides financial support to Youth for Change’s initiatives.

Kheireddine has helped many young people achieve their goals through his work with Youth for Change. One of the organization’s success stories is that of Tarek Dagher, who started his own business after receiving mentorship and support from Kheireddine and is now one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

Kheireddine has played a significant role in developing the “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in Lebanon. He is a founding member of the “Lebanese Entrepreneurs Association,” which is an organization that supports and promotes entrepreneurship in Lebanon. In addition, Kheireddine is also a mentor at “Sohat,” which is a startup accelerator in Beirut.

Kheireddine’s work is essential because it is helping to create a new generation of leaders in Lebanon. The country has been through a lot in recent years, and it needs young people willing to work hard and make a difference. Kheireddine’s investment in the youth of Lebanon is an investment in the country’s future.

Kheireddine is a firm believer in the power of youth to change the world. He believes that, given the right tools and support, young people can achieve anything they set their minds to. His work with Youth for Change is a testament to this belief, and he will continue investing in the organization’s work in the future. Thanks to Marwan Kheireddine’s support, Lebanon’s youth will be able to realize their full potential and make a positive impact on their country. Learn more about Marwan Kheireddine