• July 20, 2022

Strategies that Hughes Marino’s Management Used to Keep the Company Functional During and After the Pandemic

For several years, Hughes Marino has had a company culture that makes all employees proud. The company spent 10 years making the culture into what it is way before the pandemic happened. The Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm’s workers knew they needed to protect their culture even during challenging times. 


The culture’s core values enabled the employees from Hughes Marino buyer representation firm to connect more with the firm’s culture as it helped them improve their relationship with each other. Even though they could not go to the office like before the pandemic, the employees at the buyer representation firm used the strategies provided below and came out stronger than they had imagined. 


Grateful Email Chains

The company’s top leadership started using email chains before the pandemic. The company’s CEO started by sending an e-mail to all staff members of the representation firm informing them of something he was grateful for and encouraged them to reply with one thing they appreciated that day. The outcome for Hughes Marino was positive, and everyone felt uplifted, especially during the pandemic. 


The management would start the grateful email chain at the end of every week and make all staff members end the week on a high note. The strategy at Hughes Marino made everyone happy and grateful and created a strong bond as the workers shared what was happening in their lives.


Fun Email Groups

The company also set up email groups for their teams to join for fun and sharing. The firm introduced a workout challenge email group, a pet group for pet lovers, and a cooking group. The groups at Hughes Marino help improve communication between participants who share common interests.