• July 31, 2021

Smart Fit Plans to Expand its Business

In the last few years, fitness has put forth different strategies for adapting to a constantly changing environment. A new business opportunity in health exists for those countries that have recovered after the first wave of the pandemic. CEO Edgard Corona considers this moment as a turning point in the way people use gyms.

The most extensive gym network in the country, Smart Fit, opened a new gym every 16 hours before the coronavirus pandemic. It has been almost a year since gyms were closed due to quarantine, and now the chain will reopen. The company underwent many changes as a result of the pandemic. As part of the 2020 strategy, Edgard Corona has implemented the search for innovative solutions he has implemented since the foundation of Smart Fit.

It is essential to note that the group did not dismiss employees when all units were closed. There are a variety of applications and websites that the company developed to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, including “Train at home,” “Smart Fit Nutri,” and “Smart Fit Coach.” More than 26 million users downloaded the apps and websites.

In addition, Edgard Corona developed a health safety protocol with the support of physicians and scientists to ensure that students remain safe while gyms gradually reopen. Safety protocols include mandatory mask use, alcohol gel application, and air conditioning system changes every seven minutes, in addition to regular training for employees to ensure their safety and quality.

As a result of the pandemic and the growing health concern, gyms have become more popular. Hence, Edgard Corona began investing in technologies related to exercise programs at home so that they could be at the center of their customers’ lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as leading their industry in Latin America. To know more click: here.