• April 18, 2022

Roy Beck’s Achievements Throughout His Career Journey

Roy Beck is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and the brain behind founding a Research and Education organization known as NumbersUSA. He acquired his journalism degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Roy also served as the reporter of the first America’s environmental-beat newspaper in the 1960s.

Roy Beck’s remarkable commitment to his business, environmental, and religion reporting won him over 24 awards within 20 years as a newspaper journalist. In 1991, Roy Beck decided to become a full-time policy analyst on the US population and immigration issues. He authored four books about the environment and the US labor market, public policy, immigration, ethics, and religion to educate the US public on the effects of high immigration.

Roy Beck co-authored many books on urban sprawl studies published in newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. He launched NumbersUSA in 1996 to support the findings of two congressional committees, the presidential, led by former Sen. Tim Wirth, and the bi-partisan congressional, led by Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. Their findings recommended the need to decrease the number of immigrants to historical levels. The high number of immigrants affects US citizens, for instance, the lack of job opportunities, especially youths. In the 1990s, Encyclopedia Britannica chose Roy’s article posted in Atlantic Monthly to list it in the volume of the Annals of America as the best article.

Roy Beck was hosted as an immigration expert on many TV programs, university presentations, radio programs, think tank and conference panels, congressional hearings, and speaker’s forums to educate the US citizens on the disadvantages of high immigration levels. In 1992, he won the US Army Commendation, one of the best awards. Go to this page for more information.

Since 1990, Roy also participated in an annual week-long tour for teenagers, building homes for old-needy people, and constructing habitat for Humanity houses. His history of volunteer leadership includes:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Society in Grand Rapids and Michigan.
  2. Teaching the Sunday school of the United Methodists in Texas, Ohio, and Virginia
  3. Providing clothing closets for inner-city children in Dallas.
  4. The donations of Columbia and Missouri Nursing Home.
  5. Assisting in food and transport of needy immigrants in Arlington and VA.


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