• July 21, 2022

Lease Administrators at Hughes Marino

As we all know, using Microsoft Excel to track the lease information on construction management may not be effective for everyone. This is because it can only help keep track of a few dates and lease auditing information. So, as staff members from Hughes Marino points out, if you are thinking big, Microsoft Excel is not the best solution, and you may need to look for other options. The following reasons will show you why.


  1. It is effective for passive data storage

With the busy lifestyle of most executives, it becomes almost impossible to open excel and check at the last minute. It may not work if you don’t remember to open and update it. In most cases, the invoices brought to the tenant and landlord are usually inconsistent and may lead to errors on the tenants’ side when paying. 


  1. Hughes Marino: It is impossible to track all your lease details 

Most reports done using MS Excel miss important details such as dates or amounts in full, which becomes of no use as Hughes Marino keeps on explaining. People only find themselves capturing key parts while leaving out others that might be needed for data storage


Alternatives for Microsoft Word


The best approach is to have a dedicated team member who can capture all the information for the leases. Businesses can also hire lease administrators to help identify inconsistencies and manage leases. Hughes Marino is best known for exceptional lease administration services over the past years. 

The team at the representation firm specializes in offering timely and accurate information on lease statements and other documents. Hughes Marino is a Seattle-based award-winning lease administration company. It helps companies to strategize their needs within the industry as part of their growth.