• June 18, 2022

Jonas Lauren Norr’s Professional Experiences

Jonas Lauren Norr’s professional experiences using this profile: Freelance Graphic Designer.

‍I am a freelance graphic designer with a passion for vector illustration. I thrive on creating clean, crisp illustrations that effectively communicate your brand message. But that’s not all: I’m also an art major who believes every design should feel like a work of art, which is why I love working as a graphic designer. My day-to-day tasks include logo design, illustrations, packaging, and stationary design. Did I mention that these days I mostly work from my studio?

How to Apply:

Graphic designers are members of a special breed. Most have a degree in art or a related field, but many others have a professional design or marketing background. There are many different design jobs, but the majority involve designing logos, websites, printed material, and apps. You can apply to many jobs that involve designing, but most opportunities are as a freelance graphic designer.

How to Apply for Graphic Designer

There are various ways to apply for freelance graphic design jobs. The first and easiest way is to send an email to the company’s design department you want to work for. You can also send a cover letter that includes your resume, examples of work, and a link to your portfolio. If you want to apply for a more senior role, you can send a cover letter that includes your resume, examples of work, and a list of your achievements.

Tips from Jonas Lauren Norr on how to apply as a graphic designer.

You can’t just walk into a client’s office and start designing. You’ll need to pitch and pitch-filing, just like any other job. So, find a group of people you’re interested in working with, and then start pitching them on the project. – Be prepared for criticism. Be open-minded but realistic. There will be times when you’re wrong, and your pants will be on fire. Remember, the design point is to tell the story behind the logo, so don’t lose sight of that. – Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. I get terrible feedback on my work. I appreciate it, but at the same time, I’m always trying to improve. So, if you don’t like something, offer an alternative solution or tell me where I can improve. It doesn’t matter how little it is; do it.


A career as a freelance graphic designer is a great way to make money, develop skills, and help your company grow. With the right experience and a few connections, you can find plenty of work. What should you do now? The answer is simple. Be prepared for interviews, find out about scheduling, and learn about the industry. Make sure to understand your requirements, the expectations of your clients, and your limitations.