• August 1, 2022

Additional Funding Secures Philip Belamant and Zilch

As a fintech company, Zilch continues to transform the industries of buy-now-pay-later and U.S debt payments by incorporating its model for consumer focused payments. By doing this, the company has managed to secure a further $50 million that will increase to a total of $160 million for the Series C.

In total, the funding Philip Belamant has achieved is more than $460 million for both equity and debt. This amount is quickly making Zilch a Fintech that is hard to compete against within Europe. Having this extension for the Series C came the same way through its valuation that was used previously for a $2 billion raise.

Growth Within The U.S

The extra funding achieved by Philip Belamant, through its Series C, will help continue the growth within the U.S. Its offering of BNPL was increased by opening a Miami office in May 2022. Ther Miami office launch included more than 150,000 customers at the time of launching.

Regardless of it being early for Zilch, the amount of growth within the U.S market continues to grow exponentially, which is quite impressive for a UK company.

Achieving The Huge Amount of Sales in a Short Time Period

Many Zilch customers today use their services on a daily basis, which makes Zilch the best company to offer great credit and debit services in both the U:S and UK. Within just six months, the amount of sales have doubled due to its model of direct-to-consumer. This model easily allows the consumer to earn 5% cashback when paying on debit, or easily make payments within six weeks, interest-free.

Having a system like this has allowed Philip Belamant to save customers money. In fact, the amount saved has reached far above $60 million.

Focusing on the Model

It goes without saying that Zilch consumers continue to choose Zilch services and not those who do not provide the same amount of benefits. The model presented by Zilch centers around its consumers, which has allowed Zilch to attain a higher amount of use. This higher amount of use has resulted in an increased amount of profits.