• October 5, 2021

ZeroAvia´s Mission To Hydrogen Power Aircraft

ZeroAvia is on the path to enabling zero emissions in air travel across the globe regardless of distance with the purchase of Hyzon’s hydrogen emission fuel cells. This will reinforce the zero-emission goal and test the durability of the latest fuel stack using aeroplane cycles that are simulated. These tests at ZeroAvia are designed to ensure that the fuel cell stack passes all it’s ground testing programme requirements before being flight tested. 


The test covers a wide array of areas such as taxing and landing the aircraft, strenuous incidents such as rapid changes in altitude, holding cruising altitude, take off and landing scenarios and a host of basic power checklist requirements (Wikipedia).




ZeroAvia has chosen Hyzon Gen 3 fuel cell stack because of its technologically advanced capabilities such as minimization of weight while maintaining power and sustaining desired performance, attained through the cell stack’s ability to achieve volumetric density of above 6.0kW/litre along with a gravimetric density of above 5.5kW/kg. According to ZeroAvia experts, these are enabled by proprietary data and technology found in the Bipolar Plate and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), which hosts the electrochemical reactions that generate the cell’s power. 

ZeroAvia’s CEO and founder Val Miftakhov, has expressed interest in the company’s mission to continue exploring new technologies that meet the demands of aviation’s wide array of applications. The ZeroAvia company’s interest in Hydrogen powered cells is driven by Hydrogen’s ability to be three times highly efficient when compared to jet fuel. Hydrogen power cells are over 100 times higher than batteries on the market today, which makes hydrogen a better option for green large scale applications such as aircraft. Although Hyzon has mostly found use and function across land based transportation industries such as buses or heavy-duty trucks. CEO Craig Knight is confident the fuel cell stack will live up to the expectations and power aircraft.