• October 5, 2021

Why Edgard Corona is a World Shaker

Successful people see opportunities or gaps in the market and step in to fill them or provide a solution. They don’t sit and wait for other people to do it. Edgard Corona is an established serial entrepreneur who felt that Brazilians needed a modern gym whose primary focus was to provide quality services. To fulfill the idea, Edgard established Bio Ritmo gyms in 1996, which later gave birth to Smartfit, recognized as one of Brazil’s most prominent health fitness chains.

Edgard Corona has always been in the business world from a young age. Before launching his gyms, he was a chemical engineer at his family’s sugar mills, alongside owning a chemical lab. He recalls that he had to kill one business to create his success in the gyms. Initially, the gyms made enormous losses as Edgard lacked experience and knowledge of running the gyms. However, with determination and hard work, the gyms transformed into a giant earning considerable profits. For instance, in 2017 alone, the gyms earned more than R$1 billion.

With more than 1.7 million students, Smartfit has continued to reshape the fitness sector, attracting thousands of students daily. The gym has introduced new gadgets to give students the best training experience. This effort has seen the company open branches in the neighborhoods of Brazil like Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia.

Just like in any other sector, Edgard Corona’s gyms were heavily impacted by the corona pandemic. The pandemic put a stop to many plans Edgard Corona had for his gyms. Edgard was forced to close all the company’s to help contain the spread of the disease.

However, despite its harsh effects, the pandemic has allowed Bio Ritmo and Smartfit to go virtual. The company introduced a digital project where students can learn to exercise using simple equipment available at home. Edgard is also working with specialists to create a healthy protocol to ensure students are protected from contracting the disease once regular classes resume. To know more click: here.