• July 23, 2021

Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Puts its Customers Before Profits

Houses that are powered by solar energy use less energy from the commonly used grid. This allows homeowners to save money by using energy provided by the sun. The cost of solar panels and other factors have kept low income families from taking advantage of this new form of electricity. PosiGen, a solar energy company led by Thomas Neyhart, was established to offer a cost efficient way to help these families take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and change it into usable electricity. Homes powered this way partly provide their own energy. 


The home owners save money each month by using less electricity from the electric grid in their area. If more energy is collected through the solar panels than the home actually uses, the extra energy is sent to the grid and the customer is given credits. The credits can be used later to lower energy bills. Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen offers its customers energy efficiency tests for their home. During an energy efficiency check doors, windows and attics are inspected to find out if energy is being lost through them. Some energy improvements that are needed can be provided by PosiGen. 


Weather stripping, duct repair, air sealing and water heater insulation jacket are a few of the energy efficient improvements the company can make. Energy efficiency improvements can save customers more money, improve the cooling and heating of the home and help reduce damaging moisture. When potential customers ask about receiving PosiGen services, PosiGen employees check to see if they would save money by using their solar energy system. If they find the customer will not save, Thomas Neyhart points out, they do not install the system. The goal of PosiGen is to make a positive impact in each community it serves. Sixty-five percent of its employees are minorities and women. It serves the states of Louisiana, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut and New York.

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