• July 13, 2021

The success journey of Roland Dickey Jr as the Dickey’s Capital Group CEO

People often think that success comes with a good education. Sometimes the idea may be faulty. Productivity is what is important for success. Time and how to use it are things that investors and people in business have a lot to say. When observing them, one will understand how perfectly organized they are. Roland Dickey Jr. is a leader who makes entrepreneurial impacts. Besides, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of the Dickey Capital Group. He earned an award from the company. For years, Roland has worked in the family business. During this time, he has focused on advanced technology and intelligent strategic advancement in a fast-casual department.

Before Roland started operational activities, the business was a small local barbecue franchise. His leadership was substantial, bringing growth and advancement. The franchise had over 400 places in five years and three internationally. These advancements made the company the world’s largest. Also, the firm has a portfolio in The Wall Street Journal, The Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes Magazine. It has received various awards, including the best food and drink franchise from global companies and the best franchise deal from QSR. The barbeque was the most successful and developed under the supervision of Roland Dickey Jr.

One essential component of Roland’s good leadership is setting time – doing everything at once for every task. In addition, he ensures that meetings are uniform, well defined, and kept short. “Single-thread-owners” is Roland’s productive concept. This idea allows company owners to specialize without devastation on one item.

Roland Dickey Jr obtained his undergraduate studies in business administration from the Southern Methodist University. He finished his studies in 1996. After graduating, Roland worked for various companies in the food sector before joining his family company. He joined the BBQ franchise in 1999 after obtaining the experience. Roland was a genuine innovator in the franchise for family barbecues because of his education and expertise before his existing position.