OSI Industries: Trusted quality Food supplier

OSI Industries is a company that prides itself with its quality of service in the food industry. It is famous for its quality meat processing, which includes poultry and beef just to mention a few. It has been in operation since 1975, and it has continued to grow into a large enterprise. It offers employment to approximately 20,000 individuals in its various locations that include; OSI GW poultry and dove, Tysons foods in Chicago, Baho foods and flagship Europe. These recently acquired firms have added variety to the foods the company processes.

Baho Foods

Baho foods a Dutch food processing company was recently acquired by OSI Industries. It has five branches with processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. This was a strategic move by the president of OSI David McDonald to exceed the expectations of his customers. Baho foods offer a wide range of processed foods ranging from Delhi meats and snacks .Subsequently it has been providing quality food service at its retail outlets. This is a Well-thought-out investment which will aid OSI Industries reach a wide range of customers.

Flagship Europe

Flagship Europe is among the recently acquired food processing companies by OSI Industries. It processes a number of food products namely; Mayonnaise, frozen poultry, pies and sauces. It was acquired with an aim of broadening OSI food solutions In Europe.

Why Is OSI Food Solutions Among The Top 100?

At OSI food solutions, customers are offered the significance they deserve. There is also another characteristic that makes this company unique. The ability to constantly improve their quality standards in all aspects of the food industry .They do not believe in robustly marketing their service rather they rely on their quality of service to attract new customers while retaining the loyal ones. OSI food solutions constantly engages itself in market analysis in order to keep up with the current trends .It has constantly guaranteed quality for its clients which has led them winning a series of awards that include ;UK2016 global of honor, California green business award and international safety awards among others.

OSI food solutions have tactical and charismatic leaders like David McDonald the president of the firm. He is a passionate about working with his team to bring out the best. Despite its premier award in the top a hundred companies, he still embraces expansion and quality service