• June 14, 2021

Roland Dickey Jr Shows the Important Trait of Success, Productivity

Roland Dickey Jr is an individual that proves every day that to be successful, one has to be productive. Therefore to achieve success, education is but a backup. One of the common and noticeable traits carried by most successful people is their time management skills. To be productive is not to be extremely busy but rather to plan and focus on achieving what the plan entails.

Productivity and time management are acquired traits; anyone can acquire these traits and become successful. Roland Dickey Jr is the CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group, and he serves as a perfect example of what it takes to become successful through being productive.

Although Roland Dickey Jr is in his family’s business, his contribution towards the company’s success for the last decade is commendable. As a futuristic leader, Roland has incorporated technology into the business and had a workable strategy towards the growth of the business.

When Dickey joined the business, it was just a small barbecue franchise, but in just a decade, the once small business has expanded to over 400 locations. Further, the business is now international as of the 400 barbecue restaurants, three of them are located in foreign countries.

Because of the productivity efforts that Roland Dickey Jr continues to exemplify, the barbecue company has received recognition from renowned magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Wall Street Journal.

About Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Roland Dickey has ideally continued the legacy of the business which his grandfather Travis Dickey began in 1941. Even though Travis died in 1967, Roland’s father, Roland Sr., and his brother continued to run the business. Roland Sr introduced new recipes to complement those that his father left behind to bring a fresh taste into the business. Over time they started expanding the business by opening more restaurants. Therefore Roland Jr was born into this business, but he did not dive into the business immediately after college. He explored other companies before joining the family business. To know more click: here.