• March 1, 2022

PosiGen: Affordable Solar Energy

Solar energy is clean, practical, simple, and contributes to environmental, social, and economic well being. However, it’s not worth developing such technology if most people cannot access it. Solar panels are costly, and most middle-class workers can’t afford to invest in them; they have to wait for years to save some cash on electricity. The only solution to this could be leasing, but most solar providers have requirements that low-income earners can’t meet. PosiGen CEO is aware that energy should be essential, and the mission of PosiGen is to offer solar to all. Here’s how it works.


Homeowners Ranking by Other Providers


Most solar providers need their customers to have substantial savings, high income, and good credit scores to make you an offer. This is ironic as solar energy is supposed to help you save some cash while protecting environmental well being. For PosiGen CEO, It could be a win-win situation, but most homeowners’ journeys end by being disqualified because of their credit and financial history.


How PosiGen Ranks You


PosiGen CEO explains how the solar power company is different from other solar energy providers. They are always focused, and your potential savings is essential than your savings account and credit score. Never switch off your air conditioner to save some money. With PosiGen’s solar lease, you can save more while preserving the environment and enhancing your home’s comfort. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart aims to offer solar to all. Your employment status, savings, or earnings does matter. Their engineers will calculate the much you can save with solar through a pre-feasibility analysis. What works for your home works for them.