Robert Deignan: The Man, The Legend

It takes quite a while for an individual to become a legend. Unless he or she is exceptional at what they do. A piece of advice that our current President and extremely successful businessman, Donald Trump gives is to be on the winning team. Stick with those that win and you will win. For this reason, is it self evident through his actions and the numbers (which don’t lie) that Robert Deignan is a winner.

Robert Deignan is the kind of guy that takes quotes from people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to heart. He obtains the knowledge of the greats in the business world and then applies them to his own life and to his own business ventures. Knowledge is sometimes mistaken as intelligence, but intelligence is actually the application of knowledge. And that is what Robert Deignan does flawlessly. He is humble enough to admit that he is not at the level as people like Elon, but that also is one of the reasons for his success.

Maybe wisdom and humility are not prerequisites for becoming successful, but they are definitely common traits among those who become wealthy doing what they love. They also seem to be the ones that have the capability to maintain their wealth. Robert Deignan is on the continuous and steady, yet highly effective progression of his own lucrative business.

Robert Deignan’s success did not happen overnight and it most definitely did not happen easily. Robert has always been a hard worker and persistent at following his dreams, fulfilling his desires, and accomplishing his goals. This is notable by the fact that he was not only a graduate of Purdue University, but also by making it to the professional football league. He even got to play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets.

Mr. Deignan’s advice doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. His effectiveness is due to his innate ability to listen to and follow his gut. Following your gut seems like simple advice, but even Roger goes on to state that it took him years to train himself to follow his gut after multiple lessons that he learned from not doing so the first time.


Over the years the medical sector has evolved and grown due to the presence of specialists such as Rick Shinto. He is a doctor by profession having acquired a degree in medicine. After completion of his studies, he had the opportunity to work in many clinics and operational health centers giving him experience. Through experience and his skills, he got the privilege to work in some medical sectors having various executives’ roles. The chance assisted in displaying his managerial and leadership skills besides that of medicine.

Being visionary and passionate in medical care Rick Shinto founded InnovaCare to venture and create a difference. The primary purpose was to ensure that the medical sector grows to serve people from the entire region applying quality medication. Therefore, InnovaCare Health was built in a modern way. It is created in a way that it accommodates people from all grounds. For this reason, it has private consultation rooms that create privacy, conducive rooms for treatment and labs equipped with high technology to cater for different diseases.

InnovaCare Health has grown and thrived for years as it provides quality services to the public. According to Rick Shinto, there are core values that govern the company that has facilitated the growth. Some of them include having qualified professionals, teamwork, good working relationships, proper management, transparency and adequate communication among others.

The workers get the notion and believe that everything they do in the company should create a positive impact. Rick Shinto displays an excellent example by ensuring the needs of the clients come first. The public feel well attended to which has made their faith and trust grow in the company. The virtues such as proper communication, teamwork and good working relationships promote the stability present as well as the transparency.

There is great management present in the company as all those in the leadership roles get the position that fit their skills, knowledge and experience just as Rick Shinto who is the director. Those under his wing also portray good leadership skills such as the Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Her selection to take the position was right as she has had years of experience in different companies and organization. Rick Shinto thought it wise to choose someone who would direct and govern all the operations in an effective manner.

The company has grown to gain a high reputation leading to the opening of other branches. Unlike many medical centres, it offers physical treatment to the clients and psychological treatment as well.


The Ancient War Machine: Trabuco

During the middle age era, they used Trabuco during the wartime. It used to crash down masonry walls and it could throw fire projectiles. This was during the enemy attack. The machine used to work similarly like a catapult. It was even referred to as balancing Trabuco so that it could be easy to distinguish from other weapons. Due to its popularity in Brazil, they referred to it as shotguns.

There was an arrival of a machine called counterweight blunderbuss. People believed that it originated from countries that were residing near the Mediterranean where most of the people were Christian and other Muslims according to It was a dangerous machine because it could even launch a projectile that weighed 140 kilos at a high speed where it was even landing 800 meters away. The best thing about the machine was that it used to have a relative accuracy to the target. In some history, trabuco is indicated to have helped fight the biological warfare. This is where it was used to projectile dead bodies which had diseases that were deadly to their war opponents so that they could be infected.


China is the country that was believed to have invented the Trabuco war machine. In around 400 BC, is the time the machine was invented in China but took a long time before European countries could receive it. It was around 600AD when the first time Trabuco war machine was received in Europe. It came to the abandonment of the machine later as technology improved and there was the emergence of gunpowder.

The machine, being a scientific invention has its principles of operation. In the machine, it uses gravitational potential energy where it is converted to form kinetic energy. The mechanism of the potential energy comes from the sling according to During the converting time, some of the potential energy is not formed to kinetic and therefore it will be forced to dissipate forming a friction as a way of losing the energy. It has a counterweight that helps in projecting which should be proportional to the projectile itself. If it is having the same weight, then it will launch a strong projectile.

In the present time, it is no longer a weapon again. It used as a fun where even the teachers are using to explain to the students as an example of basic mechanical principles. In the museum, it’s only one piece that is left there. It was very useful in the wartime and a good process of learning history.

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We Need More Enterpreneurs Like Drew Madden In Healthcare

It is not an overstatement to say that we desperately need more entrepreneurs like Drew Madden working in the healthcare industry in the United States. Why the cause for alarm and seriousness? Simply because if we fail to get more of them working on the crisis level issues that are facing our country today, it is hard to say where we will be going forward.

The United States has some of the better outcomes in the whole world, but unfortunately we spend a lot of money to achieve those outcomes. We outspend the next closest nation by more than $1,000 per capita. Despite this, we actually have a lower life expectancy rate than do some of those other developed nations. They have found more efficient ways to spend their healthcare dollars.

One of the issues in the United States is that the people who are involved in healthcare often do not have experience in healthcare prior to climbing right into it. They often are thrust into healthcare by a desperate desire to help out a loved one who has been stricken by some disease. While this is admirable in its own right, it also means that there is a lot of untapped talent and potential on the sidelines.

Many people do not understand the challenges of healthcare in the United States, and they do not realize the bounty of opportunity that there is within the industry. Not knowing where to start is a leading problem for not getting more answers to the healthcare problems that we have today.

Going forward, we must encourage more people to get involved in medicine. We also need to push those who are already involved in it to perhaps take up an entrepreneurial cause while they are at it. They just might have the knowledge and experience that is needed to actually solve some of the healthcare problems that we clearly have as a nation. They might hold the key that unlocks huge research developments that bring us that much closer to actually achieving some of the healthcare outcomes that we all hope are part of our future.

James Larkin

James Larkin was born in the 20th Century. This is the century and time that was full of many revolutions all over the world in not only industries but also employment and organization of employees. His birth was not only a blessing to his family but the same to the people and employees of England which is the country that Jim grew up in.


Family challenges would sometimes weigh people down so much because of the pains that came with trying to change things and bring up the members of the family. To James Larkin who also experienced this, things were more than just tough. However, good leaders are meant for leadership from their birth, and most of the times an individual’s surroundings have done a lot in changing not only who they become in later times but also transforming the community that they hail from as a whole.


Family meant everything to Jim Larkin, and he did all that he could for them. He made sacrifices and also went through a lot of disappointments to change things for the senior James Larkin, his father, and Mary Ann McNulty who was his mother.


He, after a hard time that his family went through after the death of the man who brought him up, James Larkin had to look for other ways of ensuring that things would get better for the family that had for all his life, given him all the love he had ever wanted.


James Larkin was many things among the man who brought a better laborer organization in NUDL. The National Union of Dock Laborers gave him a base to grow as an organizer of trade unions, and in the years to come, he was able to rise with ITGWU, which worked towards the betterment of workers in England. James Larkin then went on a trip to the United States, aiming to change the course of the world ward that has just broken off. This was when his times as a free man drew towards a tragic end. He was arrested and sent back to Ireland where he died in 1947.

How Securus Technologies Tackles Contraband Cellphones In Prisons

I was surprised to learn that many prisons and jails have a problem with contraband cellphones inside their walls. With these phones, inmates can communicate to criminals in the outside world and do everything from coordinate drug smuggling operations to ordering “hits” on other inmates. Then I heard of this company called Securus Technologies that is doing amazing things to control the unauthorized use of cell phones inside prison walls. This is an innovation that is saving the lives of corrections officers as well as other inmates.


So you may be wondering what is Securus Technologies? Well, they are the leading consulting and solutions firms for prisons and jails that want to ensure a safe environment for both staff and inmates. The company can do everything from monitoring phone calls to help stop the flow of contraband into a facility. Today, the company is tackling one of the biggest problems which plaques the corrections system – contraband cellphones.


In a recent article, a former corrections officer Robert Johnson documented his near-death experience thanks to a contraband cell phone. And nearly being killed because of a murder ordered on through of these phones, Mr. Johnson decided to work with Securus Technologies to help stop the flow of these phones. However, the job of simply stopping these contraband cellphones in every state would not be easy. That’s because states like Florida prohibit the jamming of cell phone signals. So Securus Technologies had to come up with an innovative technology known as a “wireless containment system” to monitor and manage the flow of cell phone conversations. Now, inmates can now make monitored called on authorized cell phones to friends and family members. This new system allows inmates to stay in contact with the outside world without being able to make calls geared towards criminal activity.


Another great story concerning Securus Technologies was their ability to provide free calls to inmates in the state of Louisana during a recent flooding event. The wireless containment system was able to become a safe way for inmates to reach out to family members affected by the floods. I am impressed that Securus Technologies was able to come up with an innovative solution that was able to both benefit the corrections officers as well as the inmates.


Our community demands secure corrections facilities. And Securus Technologies is the perfect solution for jails and prisons that want to keep their staff and inmate population safe. The company’s wireless containment system is just one example of how Securus Technologies is making great strides in the world of corrections technology.


Dick DeVos Spends His Life Dedicated to Michigan

Dick DeVos was born heir to the Amway corporation in 1955. His father co-founded the wealthy company, making the Devos’ one of the most influential families in the state of Michigan. DeVos graduated from public high school before attending Northwood University. He married Betsy Prince shortly after; the daughter of a highly-influential, Michigan family.




Mr. DeVos began officially working for the Amway Corporation in 1974, though he grew up surrounded by the ‘family business.’ He would go on to become one of the company’s vice presidents, where he would help triple foreign sales. In 1993, he became Amway’s President and expanded its business to more than 50 countries. When the company saw significant restructuring, Dick would stay on for only a few more years before leaving to lead The Windquest Group, an investment management firm that would specialize in technology, manufacturing, and more.




Aside from Dick Devos’ many business ventures and talents, he and his wife Betsy have always been active in both political and philanthropic endeavors. As a politician and activist, Dick started his journey in 2006 when he was elected to the Michigan State Board of Education. He and his wife became champions for the school-voucher crusade: creating scholarships and sponsoring ballot-initiatives to provide more educational choice for families. Dick and Betsy believe that parents should not be restricted to a specific school district because of their financial situation. In 2012, Dick even became the engineer behind a new Michigan law that turned the state into a right-to-work state, where membership to a union is no longer required.




As philanthropists, Dick DeVos and his wife have been ranked as one of the largest charitable contributors in the country. They founded their own organization, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, in 1990. This foundation has donated millions of dollars to various artistic, religious, educational, and community organizations. In 2010, Dick even opened the country’s first aviation public charter high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick and Betsy have been advocates for their state in various other ways as well, like supporting ArtPrize, committing a substantial amount of money to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, and offering numerous types of scholarships.





Dick DeVos has dedicated his life to the state of Michigan and has been an advocate for its success for decades. In 1991, the city of Grand Rapids proposed a multi-purpose sports and convention area north of downtown. When DeVos caught wind of the idea, he immediately began lobbying against it; seeing this decision as detrimental to the city. Because of his lobbying efforts, the DeVos Place Convention Center, DeVos Performance Hall, City Market, and Michigan State University’s medical school would come to change the skyline forever (and the city with it).




With the state of Michigan thriving better than ever before and more than 24 states using a school-voucher-system, it seems Dick and his wife Betsy have done their job. But they aren’t done just yet.


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Leading a Full Life: Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a man who is living the good life now but it was not always easy for him. He grew up in Palestine and knew early on that he had to work hard to be a success in life. He was born into a big family. He earned his Master’s degree in Egypt and went on from there to live in London and finally the United States. He has always wanted to help children in any way he can. He has also created inventions to advance the course of pediatric surgery in the United States and has two patents for his inventions as well. He also makes sure to go back home to Jerusalem to help the children there. He gives of his time freely to help those that need a doctor’s care the most. He talked with Ideamensch and discussed what makes him a success in his career and a person that everyone should read about.

Dr. Saad Saad was determined to make a success for himself. When he talked about what makes him a success in surgery he follows some strict rules both in and out of the surgery room. The first thing he does is to read the patients file and make sure that the particular procedure is necessary. The second thing he does is to practice the procedure he is going to do to make sure that there are are no complications when the procedure takes place. He makes sure to read the latest textbooks when it comes to more complicated matters. When it comes to the surgery itself he has a strict policy. The first policy he follows is to get a good night’s sleep before the surgery. A good night’s sleep allows him to be focused on the procedure at hand. The second policy is that there is no personal business or talking about personal things once the surgery has started. The final policy is that there is no loud music in the surgery room. With these policies in place, surgeries can be completed more efficiently. That is the way Dr. Saad Saad likes it to be in the surgery room. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad also likes to read about people as well. He says that one person everyone should read about is Abraham Lincoln. He was a man who kept this country together during a difficult time in the history of the United States. He thinks he is a remarkable man.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired and stepped away from the surgery room but the impact he has left behind is a tremendous one. He is proof that no matter where you start in life you can be a success if you persevere.

Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabor Industries

Petrello has not mastered the art of charm through language as a politician do, but Petrello is an essential figure in the country. Tony is a reflection of the people who are not credited for the things that they have been able to achieve for the country.

Petrello once the top paid CEO in the country having earned more than sixty-million dollars in 2014 through his roles in the oil company, Nabors. Such success from a top executive leads people typically to either admire or envy but those close to Petrello understand the hard work and determination that has pushed Petrello to his current position.

Wall Street critics have always pointed out the fact that the market employs harsh tactics that end up affecting the main street. Petrello believes in the implementation of moral code while working which would eradicate unfair play in the market. Tony Petrello has directly or indirectly been part of job creation process of over a thousand U.S. residents. Petrello has been a leader in seeking a way to improve lives of Americans.

Tony Petrello has the responsibilities of running an oil company, but this does not mean he did not work to his current position. Petrello came from a simple family and did not get the chance to have world-class teachers or be part of a trust fund. Petrello enjoyed life in the town of Newark which is common for the residents ethic in work in spite of the poor living conditions and the struggles. Petrello was taught from an early stage that there were no shortcuts in life and used most of his free time to study maths. At an early age, Petrello had already grasped the differential calculus concept according to

Petrello advanced the pursuit of his goals and later rewarded with a study scholarship to Yale University to study maths. Tony then changed his career and joined the school of law at Harvard University. Petrello married his long college girlfriend but did not settle as he worked in several places before joining Nabor Industry. From a simple start, Petrello has achieved what many people only dream.

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How Roberto Santiago Has Led a Successful Career

When Roberto Santiago decided that he was going to become a businessman, he did not know his business ventures were going to be. The businessman, however, has worked hard to achieve the amount of wealth he enjoys at the moment. Roberto Santiago owns one of the largest shopping malls that are based in Brazil, and he is respected because of the success he has enjoyed. His popularity, especially in the modern times proves that the businessman has been doing well. The newbies who want to become successful entrepreneurs have been advised to follow the Roberto Santiago’s footsteps. Santiago has, however, come a very long way.


When Roberto Santiago was born in Brazil many years ago, no one who was close to him knew the kind of future that was waiting for him. Santiago’s parents noticed that their son was bright, even at a very young age. The businessman was always a hard working student who performed so well even in sports. Santiago got a chance to complete his education at one of the local colleges. However, after his graduation, the businessman decided that he was going to venture into the business industry. Because he had not specialized in this section, the trader decided to enroll for a degree in business administration, a career decision he will live to be happy about.


Fortunately, when the businessman was finishing his business degree, he was already equipped with adequate skills to make him survive the business department. The businessman started a company that did very well despite the little capital he had in his account. The small venture gave Roberto Santiago a lot of expertise in business. Roberto Santiago managed to change his career life because of this small business. Santiago raised a lot of money from the small business so that he could use it to start a real estate venture.


The real estate section has always been considered to be an investment for the rich and wealthy companies in the society. When Roberto started his business in real estate, he did not have too many resources. In fact he used the capital from his first company to acquire a piece of land, and this marked the start of a very profitable business. The land was purchased and in two years, one of the largest malls in Brazil was constructed. The great mall has been named Manaira Shopping Mall, and it is an area where families and friends can visit any time of the day and have a lot of fun. The mall is extraordinary. This is because it has most of the amenities that people need to have real entertainment. When visiting this large mall, guests have an opportunity to watch movies, shop and enjoy tasty food at affordable prices.