• July 6, 2021

Juan Monteverde success Journey

Juan Monteverde took the final and obvious step of founding his firm after ten years of working in various firms and directing the mergers and acquisitions department at the previous firm where he was a partner. His firm focuses on shareholder protection, with a focus on merger and acquisition transactions. Through the firm, he has won several cases for the benefit of his clients.

According to Juan Monteverde, the company only makes money if it achieves a positive outcome for its stockholders. The firm generates revenue through a contingency fee arrangement, for instance, by taking a percentage of a cash settlement secured for its shareholders, subject to Court approval.

He uses several marketing strategies apart from referrals. Inform your clients of what your firm is doing to improve its performance. The company’s website has a section that details recent accomplishments. That way, potential clients can see it and be able to see the work you’ve done in the past. Like other entrepreneurs, Juan has encountered some difficult times during Covid 19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, the firm has succeeded in different ways through the management of Monteverde.

Over the years, the organization has achieved enormous success through awards from various organizations. The firm was named among the Top 50 Class Action Securities firms in the US in 2019. The firm is one of the most successful in its field and garners national attention. He advocates for networking with friends. Network as peers can introduce you to new opportunities. Peers can be an excellent resource for you in your professional development.

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