• July 23, 2021

Georgette Mulheir Continues Fighting for People’s Rights

Georgette Mulheir is a long-time advocate of children’s rights. She began over 30 years ago when she saw the deplorable conditions of children in institutions after the Crimean war. Georgette Mulheir led projects that would educate parents and keep children with family members. Since her first project with orphanages, she has worked with many countries to improve human rights issues. On recent visits to Haitian orphanages, Georgette Mulheir noted a new criminal activity. Haitian private institutions were convincing parents to release children to their care in exchange for a better education. But once children were in the institution, they were put to work to maintain grounds, seldom went to school, and had no childhood at all. 


Worse yet, the activity was being funded by nonprofit organizations and churches in the United States, thinking the children were cared for.  After making several visits to Haiti, Georgette Mulheir believes many of the human rights deficiencies are due to the current political unrest. She believes this ruling party only worsens the financial distress of the people (Voice-online). 


Her idea is to bring international focus on the deplorable acts committed by the government. She hopes this will bring attention to the illegal actions by President Jovenel Moise. Georgette Mulheir believes Haiti has a right to a viable democratic government, but every time a political party rises against the current regime, it is stifled. Promising candidates are kidnapped, threatened and even killed. To help bring international awareness to the issue, Georgette Mulheir has founded an organization called Defend Haiti’s Democracy. She believes organizations like the United Nations must know about the condition of the people of Haiti, and consequently of the children and their mistreatment.