• October 5, 2021

Georgette Mulheir and the People of Haiti

Georgette Mulheir has been on the frontline in shunning the human rights violation witnessed in Haiti. As the founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy, she echoes her concerns regarding Haiti’s happening. For Georgette Mulheir, there is no doubt that Haiti has had to go through some crises before. However, the country is recently experiencing a political crisis that seems to have escalated during the past few months. Georgette Mulheir speaks up against the evils being witnessed in Haiti due to the greed of the people in power. 


She also does this to find ways to end the violence in the country and restore its former glory and peace. Currently, Haiti has no parliament and a de facto president ruling. The parliamentary elections were supposed to be held in 2020, and this never happened as they were stalled. Earlier this year, the Jovenel Moise president’s term was also supposed to come to an end. However, Georgette Mulheir points out, the president failed to step down from power and has been looking for ways to change Haiti’s constitution. The change in the constitution is supposed to create a way for his administration to increase their ruling term. 

However, such changes are considered to be illegal in Haiti, something that does not bother him. Haitians have chosen to remain silent on the matter. This is because anyone who stands up against the president and his administration is murdered. Violence increase in violence has been witnessed, with most of them being conducted by recruited children. Global leaders such as Georgette Mulheir state that women and young girls are being kidnapped and raped. The human rights violations in Haiti have managed to stay this long as big international powers seem to look the other way as long as they are benefiting from Moises’ administration.