• February 28, 2022

 Gary McGaughey, Private Equities Expert and CFO at Williams Lea Tag

In this piece, Gary McGaghey discussed the future of CFOs in 2021. Gary believes that CFOs will have an important role in the future, as they will need to navigate through complex financial waters and make good decisions for the company.

Gary McGaghey believes that there will be big changes in the role of CFOs over the next few years and that they will need to become more innovative and strategic to stay ahead of the curve. Gary McGaghey has a wealth of experience in the financial industry, and his insights are invaluable for businesses looking to make improvements in this area.

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Here are some things that may be important to the future of CFOs in 2021:

The Need For Innovation

New technology will make it easier than ever before.

It’s important to stay ahead of your competitors by adopting new and innovative ideas, as well as keeping up with current trends. For a company to be successful, all aspects of the business must be running smoothly – from accounting and financial management to marketing and sales.

The Need For Strategy

Many business owners don’t understand finance, so CFOs will need to be translators and liaisons between the two groups.

To be successful in this role, one must understand both sides of the equation. This means having a solid grasp of accounting principles and knowledge about marketing strategies and sales tactics. The CFO’s job is to balance these two worlds together by providing accurate information while still maintaining their own opinion about each subject matter at hand.

Strategic Planning

CFOs will need to make strategic decisions on how much money should go towards some business regions.

It’s also essential that they understand which products or services are the best selling to make better financial choices and improve their overall company performance.

In summary, CFOs will need to think strategically about their future in 2021. They will need to take on more responsibilities while maintaining their personal opinion. Gary McGaughey has been a CFO for over 20 years, and his insights are invaluable in helping businesses stay ahead of the curve! Get connected here: https://fitmediafitness.co.uk/team_member/gary-mcgaghey/