• May 13, 2022

Entrepreneurial Journey Of Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel is a 39-year-old entrepreneur who grew up in a military family. Bittel served in the U.S. Marines for four years, reaching the rank of corporal. Stephen Bittel loved cars. He worked for his family’s car dealership for a few years. Bittel left the business world to work on his entrepreneurial side. From his garage in New Jersey, he started a car dealership. But after three years, he was forced to close the doors of his company. Bittel wanted to regain control of his company and start again. With the help of some friends, he revived Terranova Motorcars, a car dealership he once owned. Bittel wanted to grow his business and become an entrepreneur again.

To adjust to market changes, Stephen Bittel plans to adjust his business in a few ways. First, he will focus on customer service and providing the best possible experience for his customers. Bittel wants to focus on reducing the cost of his products to compete with the larger businesses in his industry. Finally, he will look into expanding his dealership into other markets.

Bittel implemented the following strategies to grow his business: Bittel increased sales by creating a new product line and marketing it aggressively. He reduced costs by moving from a traditional dealership model to a digital one. He also increased profits by creating a well-positioned unique product for the market. Moreover, to better position Terranova Motorcars for the future, Bittel placed products in popular media outlets like TV shows and movies.

Stephen Bittel is the CEO and founder of Terranova Corporation. he founded the firm in 1980. the firm is a commercial real estate business. Bittel has served the growing South Florida community, which has grown in real estate. Bittel has been the Board Director for Chapman Partnership, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, and Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation. Bittel studied law at the University of Miami School of Law in 1982. He serves on the Board of Teach for America Miami (TFA) currently.

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