• August 23, 2021

Edgard Corona on Smart Fit Expansion Plans for 2021

Smart Fit is one of the largest gym networks in Latin America, with over two million students. The company faced a great crisis during the pandemic and managed to work through the challenges with innovation under the leadership of Edgard Corona.

The pandemic caused closer of 901 gyms stopping cash flow, but the company managed to keep its employees. Smart Fit plans to expand in the 12 countries it serves after people get vaccinated to control the virus.

People are searching for fitness activities, and Smart Fit has the opportunity to grow its units. Edgard Corona shared that Smart Fit recognizes business is resuming with a different strategy that can adjust to change.

With 80% of Smart Fit Gyms open, Edgard Corona shared the plan is to use the available capital to give clients quality services and safety. The CEO of Smart Fit Edgard has promoted innovative solutions since he launched the gyms network, which is needed due to the pandemic impact.

Smart Fit attracted 26 million students to Train at Home by developing new applications to keep students active during quarantine. The applications include Smart Fit Nutri and Smart Fit Coach, accessible online. To enhance the return of people to the gym units, Edgard invested in a safety protocol with 40 rules that includes wearing masks, sanitization, and employee training on how to handle the new business strategy.

Edgard Corona and the Smart Fit team are working on online programs that allow training at home to be accessible at all times. The company remains optimistic and sees the pandemic’s opportunity to create and spread its services in the gym sector.

The network of gyms plans to be a leader in its industry under the leadership of Edgard Corona, who is supporting the innovative solution that will boost the growth and development of Smart Fit.