Cloudwick Launches CDL

Cloudwick is a data lake company that helps organizations to manage several types of data from a couple of sources. In 2017, Cloudwick launched CDL, which is the Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity. CDL is designed and developed for leading analytics, data center, cloud, and security vendors such as Intel, AWS, H2O, and Bricata, among others. Cloudwick developed CDL to help digital businesses to deal with threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Persistent Threats, denial of service, botnets, insider threats, and nation-state attacks. CDL is also designed to democratize security analytics at scale as well as unlock the potential of today’s siloed solutions.

CDL come with CDL Capture, which is a fully managed and high-scale ingestion pipeline appliance that can ingest over 100M events per second of telemetry data. It also consists of the CDL Platform – a fully managed cyber appliance that is built to democratize security data, unlock the potential of traditional security solutions and enable machine learning. Moreover, it contains the CDL Manager that delivers secure access to the CDL Platform. CDL also consists of the CDL Cloud, a feature that takes the capabilities of a fully managed cyber data lake solution past the Data Center and onto AWS, thus offering flexibility and agility.

CDL is capable of doing a lot of other things. Besides doing the things mentioned above, it can also power diagnostic and undertake predictive and prescriptive analytics at scale. It is also capable of changing the economics of security for technology, people, and vendors. What’s more, it is also used to help the CRO and CISO establish how, when, and where a breach occurred and the type of exposure. CDL also has One-Click Correlation and CDL Replay features that significantly reduce the time of threat investigation. CDL ingests and analyzes over 100M events per second at wire speeds ranging from 10 Gig to 100+ Gig Networks.

Shervin Pishevar says China will crush the bumbling and fractious United States

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most vocal insider critics to come out of Silicon Valley over the last 10 years. As the founder and CEO of Investment company, Shervin Pishevar has had a front-row view to the goings-on of the Valley as well as the larger national tech economy. He is generally critical of the direction in which things are currently headed, characterized primarily by an iron-grip monopoly by the Big Five tech giants, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

China studies while the U.S. takes bong rips

Shervin Pishevar says that the stereotype of the Asian grind, which is so often held and then reinforced at universities throughout the United States, is far more than an amusing caricature. He says that the truth is that China is comprised of a serious, highly intelligent and highly industrious people. Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States has become so fractious, lazy and generally stupid that it is unlikely that the country stands a ghost of a long-term chance against its Sinitic rivals, in terms military, economic and demographic. In short, without major reform, the United States is finished as global hegemon.

Shervin Pishevar cites just one example of millions. He says that a train station in a mid-sized town in China was fully completed in an astounding nine days. Meanwhile, such projects as the Bay Bridge in San Francisco can take more than 10 years to get done in the United States. Completing a major train station in a typical urban locale within America may easily take five years or longer. And, despite the fact that many Americans are unaware of it, rail transport remains one of the most important modes of freight in the country. If China can create a passenger train station in such a short period, they can probably create freight terminals in even less time.

This occurs amid a backdrop of crumbling U.S. infrastructure, which necessarily raises transport and manufacturing costs. Ultimately, Shervin Pishevar says that China’s towering advantage in getting things done will leave America collapsed of exhaustion in the starting blocks as China breezes over the finish line.