Cloudwick Launches CDL

Cloudwick is a data lake company that helps organizations to manage several types of data from a couple of sources. In 2017, Cloudwick launched CDL, which is the Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity. CDL is designed and developed for leading analytics, data center, cloud, and security vendors such as Intel, AWS, H2O, and Bricata, among others. Cloudwick developed CDL to help digital businesses to deal with threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Persistent Threats, denial of service, botnets, insider threats, and nation-state attacks. CDL is also designed to democratize security analytics at scale as well as unlock the potential of today’s siloed solutions.

CDL come with CDL Capture, which is a fully managed and high-scale ingestion pipeline appliance that can ingest over 100M events per second of telemetry data. It also consists of the CDL Platform – a fully managed cyber appliance that is built to democratize security data, unlock the potential of traditional security solutions and enable machine learning. Moreover, it contains the CDL Manager that delivers secure access to the CDL Platform. CDL also consists of the CDL Cloud, a feature that takes the capabilities of a fully managed cyber data lake solution past the Data Center and onto AWS, thus offering flexibility and agility.

CDL is capable of doing a lot of other things. Besides doing the things mentioned above, it can also power diagnostic and undertake predictive and prescriptive analytics at scale. It is also capable of changing the economics of security for technology, people, and vendors. What’s more, it is also used to help the CRO and CISO establish how, when, and where a breach occurred and the type of exposure. CDL also has One-Click Correlation and CDL Replay features that significantly reduce the time of threat investigation. CDL ingests and analyzes over 100M events per second at wire speeds ranging from 10 Gig to 100+ Gig Networks.

How GreenSky Credit Has Grown Into a Top FinTech Company

Under David Zalik, a cofounder and current CEO of GreenSky Credit, the company has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. The company focuses on financial technology and was founded in 2006 in Atlanta. They work with banks to make loans available to people looking to improve their homes.

The company serves a variety of markets. These include solar, home improvement, and healthcare among others. Thanks to being federally insured, the loans are safe and secure for the institutions and the consumers. According to Wikipedia, over $5 billion of loans went through GreenSky Credit in a four year time span alone.

Why is GreenSky Credit Lesser Known?

The company doesn’t have the awareness or attention you would expect from other fintech companies so far. However, that is changing quickly. One reason is that they do not make loans with their own capital. They instead focus on strategic partnerships to leverage greater resources and give consumers more capital to access.

Options Equal Success

When customers can choose who they loan money from or how much, such as with GreenSky Credit, the dynamics change. They are able to be more successful in their home improvement projects and thus GreenSky Credit benefits too. In addition, they reach a variety of markets outside of the home space.

Going Mobile

Customers today use their smartphones more than ever before. Being able to get a loan on their phone via an app cuts out the time, confusion, and effort needed to get loans from traditional fintech companies. They can access over 12,000 merchants through GreenSky Credit’s app, from individual contractors to major companies.

Being a Technology Company Vs a Bank

David Zalik, according to Forbes, has stated that he does not try to compete with ordinary banks. Instead, he sees himself as a technology leader. In this way, they act as a connector and customer service platform over being a capital source themselves. It is one of the reasons the company has stayed so profitable.

Growth and Market Cap

GreenSky has grown in large numbers since they first started. Among expanding a new call center, they have created over 350 jobs and invested $7 million in the city. And at a valuation of more than $3 billion, almost ten times as much as their value in 2004, the work and vision seems to be paying off.

Robert Deignan: The Man, The Legend

It takes quite a while for an individual to become a legend. Unless he or she is exceptional at what they do. A piece of advice that our current President and extremely successful businessman, Donald Trump gives is to be on the winning team. Stick with those that win and you will win. For this reason, is it self evident through his actions and the numbers (which don’t lie) that Robert Deignan is a winner.

Robert Deignan is the kind of guy that takes quotes from people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to heart. He obtains the knowledge of the greats in the business world and then applies them to his own life and to his own business ventures. Knowledge is sometimes mistaken as intelligence, but intelligence is actually the application of knowledge. And that is what Robert Deignan does flawlessly. He is humble enough to admit that he is not at the level as people like Elon, but that also is one of the reasons for his success.

Maybe wisdom and humility are not prerequisites for becoming successful, but they are definitely common traits among those who become wealthy doing what they love. They also seem to be the ones that have the capability to maintain their wealth. Robert Deignan is on the continuous and steady, yet highly effective progression of his own lucrative business.

Robert Deignan’s success did not happen overnight and it most definitely did not happen easily. Robert has always been a hard worker and persistent at following his dreams, fulfilling his desires, and accomplishing his goals. This is notable by the fact that he was not only a graduate of Purdue University, but also by making it to the professional football league. He even got to play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets.

Mr. Deignan’s advice doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. His effectiveness is due to his innate ability to listen to and follow his gut. Following your gut seems like simple advice, but even Roger goes on to state that it took him years to train himself to follow his gut after multiple lessons that he learned from not doing so the first time.