James Larkin

James Larkin was born in the 20th Century. This is the century and time that was full of many revolutions all over the world in not only industries but also employment and organization of employees. His birth was not only a blessing to his family but the same to the people and employees of England which is the country that Jim grew up in.


Family challenges would sometimes weigh people down so much because of the pains that came with trying to change things and bring up the members of the family. To James Larkin who also experienced this, things were more than just tough. However, good leaders are meant for leadership from their birth, and most of the times an individual’s surroundings have done a lot in changing not only who they become in later times but also transforming the community that they hail from as a whole.


Family meant everything to Jim Larkin, and he did all that he could for them. He made sacrifices and also went through a lot of disappointments to change things for the senior James Larkin, his father, and Mary Ann McNulty who was his mother.


He, after a hard time that his family went through after the death of the man who brought him up, James Larkin had to look for other ways of ensuring that things would get better for the family that had for all his life, given him all the love he had ever wanted.


James Larkin was many things among the man who brought a better laborer organization in NUDL. The National Union of Dock Laborers gave him a base to grow as an organizer of trade unions, and in the years to come, he was able to rise with ITGWU, which worked towards the betterment of workers in England. James Larkin then went on a trip to the United States, aiming to change the course of the world ward that has just broken off. This was when his times as a free man drew towards a tragic end. He was arrested and sent back to Ireland where he died in 1947.