Over the years the medical sector has evolved and grown due to the presence of specialists such as Rick Shinto. He is a doctor by profession having acquired a degree in medicine. After completion of his studies, he had the opportunity to work in many clinics and operational health centers giving him experience. Through experience and his skills, he got the privilege to work in some medical sectors having various executives’ roles. The chance assisted in displaying his managerial and leadership skills besides that of medicine.

Being visionary and passionate in medical care Rick Shinto founded InnovaCare to venture and create a difference. The primary purpose was to ensure that the medical sector grows to serve people from the entire region applying quality medication. Therefore, InnovaCare Health was built in a modern way. It is created in a way that it accommodates people from all grounds. For this reason, it has private consultation rooms that create privacy, conducive rooms for treatment and labs equipped with high technology to cater for different diseases.

InnovaCare Health has grown and thrived for years as it provides quality services to the public. According to Rick Shinto, there are core values that govern the company that has facilitated the growth. Some of them include having qualified professionals, teamwork, good working relationships, proper management, transparency and adequate communication among others.

The workers get the notion and believe that everything they do in the company should create a positive impact. Rick Shinto displays an excellent example by ensuring the needs of the clients come first. The public feel well attended to which has made their faith and trust grow in the company. The virtues such as proper communication, teamwork and good working relationships promote the stability present as well as the transparency.

There is great management present in the company as all those in the leadership roles get the position that fit their skills, knowledge and experience just as Rick Shinto who is the director. Those under his wing also portray good leadership skills such as the Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Her selection to take the position was right as she has had years of experience in different companies and organization. Rick Shinto thought it wise to choose someone who would direct and govern all the operations in an effective manner.

The company has grown to gain a high reputation leading to the opening of other branches. Unlike many medical centres, it offers physical treatment to the clients and psychological treatment as well.