Rocketship Education has Non-certified Instructors managing Large Groups of Students says NPR Blogger…

A Little Bit of Information on Rocketship Education…

We’ll begin with a little history on the company that was attacked; Rocketship Education. Opening it’s first school in 2007, the group is now all over the bay area of California. In a little over ten years, they are so big that companies like Netflix donate several million dollars at a time to them. What’s so wrong with them (according to the blogger?)

Non-certified Teachers Monitoring “Large Groups,” of Students!

This is the idea that the NPR blogger wants to put within the minds of her readers. What information do we need to throw out to be offended? There certainly is no shortage of it. Let’s ignore the fact that the large group of students are busy in a computer learning lab. Even the biased blogger wanted us to imagine how their little faces were buried within computer screens! Let’s not forget about the information we’re disregarding, though…we also must overlook the fact that hired tutors are non-certified. While we’re on this trend, let’s overlook the fact that the actual certified teacher’s time (which happens to be limited,) is strategically employed where it is needed the most. What are we now left with? A scary image where almost 100 children are in a computer lab, doing God knows what, as an incompetent monitor (who also can’t answer software questions for some reason,) begs them to stay in order and not dissent into child anarchy! This is literally what the blogger wants her readers to actually believe. She not only wants them to believe, but also she wants them to act? It’s hard for one’s head not blow up because of how she contradicted herself. In a later part of the blog she claims these teachers are too strict! Maybe if so many NPR readers didn’t work within public schools and possess common sense, she could have gotten away with it?

Deep but Narrow for a Reason!

A few sources have pointed out that the blogger’s piece is deep yet narrow. This impression is left within the mind of an intelligent reader because they can tell information must be missing. It is, just as we have displayed above. If she blogged too deeply, she would accidentally reveal her issues with Rocketship as issues that education in general suffers from.