• November 21, 2021

Making Moves: Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has been in the business for more than twenty years now. Over the years, it has had its share of ups and downs. Now it is a New York company that is getting itself back on track again. The company is now run by private investors and has made over fifty-three billion…

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Hawkers Growth Attributed to Alejandro Betancourt

Launched in Spain in 2013 by a group of college friends, Hawkers’ began with the goal of making affordable designer sunglasses that were reasonably priced. By 2016, the company was a major player in the field, with a $60-million market value. The four friends: Pablo Sanchez, Iñaki Soriano, and David and Alex Moran, began with…

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Simon Denyer Journalism Experience

Simon Denyer is a highly experienced expert in the media industry. There are several news challenges where he has worked. In most of them, he has successfully made people enjoy a great experience as a highly experienced journalist. He knows the right steps he takes when covering different needs events. There are several news stations…

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