The Endeavors of Jeffrey Aronin that has brought Him to the Limelight

Jeffrey Aronin is the founder and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon Biosciences is a health care company whose field of specialization include treating rare diseases and conditions. Under the leadership of Jeffrey Aronin, the health care company has dedicated its resources into finding medical solutions and treatment to diseases and disorders that does not even have approved therapies.


Treatment of rare diseases and disorders


Jeffrey Aronin has a vast experience and extensive knowledge in the medical field. Under his leadership, Paragon Biosciences is always looking for new methods to cure diseases that have proved hard to treat. They have combined efforts with experts from other companies to solve medical issues that are facing the world. Additionally, the company’s portfolio includes experts and various professionals with one goal of coming up with new medication.


Medical Breakthroughs


With the use of innovative strategies, Jeffrey Aronin, has been recognized countrywide for producing highly regarded medical treatments for rare illness and his medical products have been approved by FDA.


In line with his vision of a healthy community, Jeffrey Aronin is funding researchers as well as experts who are into coming up with more medical breakthroughs. Even after FDA approving his medical products, he is dedicated to curbing serious diseases and diseases such as the ones related to the central nervous system.


A look at Jeffrey Aronin’s accomplishments


For a major part of his career, he has focused on treating diseases that have been admitted as difficult to treat. Additionally, he is a philanthropy at heart and always wishes to help people lead healthy lives as well as prolong their lives.


For recognition of his efforts, he has received many awards including “Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” and Wiezman Leadership Award. Well, Paragon Biosciences has also been awarded with “Deal of Year Award 2017” by Harmony Biosciences as a recognition for their successful endeavor to come up with a sleep disorder medication. He is always ready to work with any company or organization to advance his cause.


Jeffrey Aronin has endeavored to support and contribute to charity organizations. Some of the charities he has been involved with include Chicago Packs Foundation, Big Green, as well as many others.


OSI Industries: Trusted quality Food supplier

OSI Industries is a company that prides itself with its quality of service in the food industry. It is famous for its quality meat processing, which includes poultry and beef just to mention a few. It has been in operation since 1975, and it has continued to grow into a large enterprise. It offers employment to approximately 20,000 individuals in its various locations that include; OSI GW poultry and dove, Tysons foods in Chicago, Baho foods and flagship Europe. These recently acquired firms have added variety to the foods the company processes.

Baho Foods

Baho foods a Dutch food processing company was recently acquired by OSI Industries. It has five branches with processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. This was a strategic move by the president of OSI David McDonald to exceed the expectations of his customers. Baho foods offer a wide range of processed foods ranging from Delhi meats and snacks .Subsequently it has been providing quality food service at its retail outlets. This is a Well-thought-out investment which will aid OSI Industries reach a wide range of customers.

Flagship Europe

Flagship Europe is among the recently acquired food processing companies by OSI Industries. It processes a number of food products namely; Mayonnaise, frozen poultry, pies and sauces. It was acquired with an aim of broadening OSI food solutions In Europe.

Why Is OSI Food Solutions Among The Top 100?

At OSI food solutions, customers are offered the significance they deserve. There is also another characteristic that makes this company unique. The ability to constantly improve their quality standards in all aspects of the food industry .They do not believe in robustly marketing their service rather they rely on their quality of service to attract new customers while retaining the loyal ones. OSI food solutions constantly engages itself in market analysis in order to keep up with the current trends .It has constantly guaranteed quality for its clients which has led them winning a series of awards that include ;UK2016 global of honor, California green business award and international safety awards among others.

OSI food solutions have tactical and charismatic leaders like David McDonald the president of the firm. He is a passionate about working with his team to bring out the best. Despite its premier award in the top a hundred companies, he still embraces expansion and quality service

Peter Briger is the professional behind the growth of Fortress Investment

Peter Briger has over the years established a successful career in the financial sector. He is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who are aspiring to join the list of top professionals in the industry. Peter is always open to offer advice to other entrepreneurs, and that is why they can significantly benefit from the talented professional. The best part about Peter is that he is experienced and uses this to expand any company after joining the team. That is why he has been trusted to serve as the principal at Fortress Investment Group. Since he joined the company, he has served in different positions after being promoted to various positions. Apart from being a leader at the company, he is also involved in the real estate and credit department.

Peter has worked on the board of directors for many years where he has helped in making the right decisions for the company. Peter Briger has also served in other organizations. For example, he served as the tipping Point director and also served at the Princeton University Investment Company. Before he came to Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger had previously worked for Goldman Sachs where Peter rose to become a partner at the company. He worked for various positions like trading business, loan sales, Asian Real Estate among others. Peter gained a lot of experience when he was working at Goldman Sachs and helped the organization to become one of the best banks when it comes to providing services for customers.

Peter Briger is a leader and professional who has built one of the best portfolios starting from his education. Having attended great institutions like Princeton and Wharton Business School, Peter was ready to begin his career. Peter is an alumnus of Princeton University and went back to the school where he has been helping students to become successful entrepreneurs. He has been working with students from the institution who are aspiring to venture into the financial sector. Peter has shown others that with dedication and hard work, there is room to succeed. He started from a humble background but has gone his way up to join the list of billionaires in Forbes. He has succeeded because he has always been passionate about the things he loves doing. He is also keen on doing everything according to the plan he has. His life has been a dream that he has turned into reality. It is never easy accomplishing the level of success that he has.

How GreenSky Credit Has Grown Into a Top FinTech Company

Under David Zalik, a cofounder and current CEO of GreenSky Credit, the company has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. The company focuses on financial technology and was founded in 2006 in Atlanta. They work with banks to make loans available to people looking to improve their homes.

The company serves a variety of markets. These include solar, home improvement, and healthcare among others. Thanks to being federally insured, the loans are safe and secure for the institutions and the consumers. According to Wikipedia, over $5 billion of loans went through GreenSky Credit in a four year time span alone.

Why is GreenSky Credit Lesser Known?

The company doesn’t have the awareness or attention you would expect from other fintech companies so far. However, that is changing quickly. One reason is that they do not make loans with their own capital. They instead focus on strategic partnerships to leverage greater resources and give consumers more capital to access.

Options Equal Success

When customers can choose who they loan money from or how much, such as with GreenSky Credit, the dynamics change. They are able to be more successful in their home improvement projects and thus GreenSky Credit benefits too. In addition, they reach a variety of markets outside of the home space.

Going Mobile

Customers today use their smartphones more than ever before. Being able to get a loan on their phone via an app cuts out the time, confusion, and effort needed to get loans from traditional fintech companies. They can access over 12,000 merchants through GreenSky Credit’s app, from individual contractors to major companies.

Being a Technology Company Vs a Bank

David Zalik, according to Forbes, has stated that he does not try to compete with ordinary banks. Instead, he sees himself as a technology leader. In this way, they act as a connector and customer service platform over being a capital source themselves. It is one of the reasons the company has stayed so profitable.

Growth and Market Cap

GreenSky has grown in large numbers since they first started. Among expanding a new call center, they have created over 350 jobs and invested $7 million in the city. And at a valuation of more than $3 billion, almost ten times as much as their value in 2004, the work and vision seems to be paying off.

Too Many People Go To The Emergency Room For No Good Reason, Says Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Emergency rooms exist so people can have their urgent health issues addressed promptly. While not all issues’ symptoms are life-threatening, waiting just minutes longer for emergency healthcare services in certain situations can result in serious injuries or even death. As such, emergency rooms’ widespread availability across the United States is undeniably positive for the welfare of people living in – or simply visiting – the US.

Too many people use the emergency room

That’s right – too many people visit the emergency room here in the United States. This isn’t because people in the United States are inherently unhealthy or there are tons of traumatic events that cause serious injuries; rather, people turn to the emergency room because they’re more convenient than seeing primary care providers, ER departments are legally required to see patients, and waiting for appointments are “regular” doctors’ offices can take weeks.

The overuse of emergency rooms here in the United States is a systemic issue

Anywhere between 30 and 40 percent of an area’s constituents regularly – or somewhat regularly, at least – see emergency room doctors. According to a February 2016 survey titled “Patients’ Perspectives on Health Care in the United States” published by National Public Radio in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard University’s School of Public Health, roughly one of every three Americans see an emergency room physician when they’re in need of medical treatment.

A 2014 meta-analysis called “Emergency Department Visits for Nonurgent Conditions: Systematic Literature Review” used data from 1990 to determine just how many emergency room visits saw patients who were not considered to be in need of urgent care. Entered into the American Journal of Managed Care, roughly 37 percent of trips to emergency rooms across the United States were made by patients who didn’t need urgent care.

Florida’s emergency rooms are seen by patients with non-urgent symptoms as often as any other state

According to Robert Blendon, a full professor at Harvard University, just short of 33 percent of Floridians had visited an emergency room for a non-urgent healthcare issue throughout the two years before the 2016 interview conducted by Abe Boraya, a reporter working with a Florida-based National Public Radio affiliate.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an emergency room doctor in Tallahassee, Florida, recently shared that people frequent the emergency room at the hospital he works at for non-urgent issues – no hospital’s emergency department is free from seeing patients without urgent presentations of symptoms.

Dr. Forsthoefel firmly believes that this issue needs to be fixed because people in need of prompt care typically have to wait longer to get the help they need. Further, the resources of emergency department staffs around the United States are routinely stretched beyond what they can handle. Lines in emergency rooms are rarely consistent; staffing more people in anticipation of long lines at emergency departments would invariably result in avoidable losses for hospitals, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel claims.