What Is Dr. Clay Siegall’s Mission in Cancer Research

Cancer research plays a vital role in developing new cancer-fighting medications and without this research, the industry would come to a quick pause. There are many top-rated organizations that specialize in the subject, but Seattle Genetics takes things to a whole new level. Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, but who knew that it would grow into such a powerhouse of a business. Clay Siegall was just one of a handful of individuals who started this organization. As of 2018, Siegall has become the organization’s CEO. This Seattle-based biotech firm is looking to spread its wings by attaining its international-marketing rights. This is a very complex situation, but this organization has opened an office in Switzerland to bring this idea into fruition.

Clay Siegall has numerous talents, including being a savvy businessman. He is using his knowledge to turn Seattle Genetics into a global powerhouse that produces its own products as well is owning its marketing rights. Seattle Genetics is trying to “buck the trend” of biotech companies that end-up being sold to larger pharmaceutical companies. Siegall has made sure that it never comes to this, which is why the company keeps numerous medications in its pipeline of success. Thanks to the huge success of its medications, Seattle Genetics has experienced rapid growth. Over the last few years, the company’s stock was $20 per share. As of 2018, that same stock is now worth $66 per share. That’s right! In 2016, Seattle Genetics’ sales reached over $400 million.

As you can see, there’s a well-thought-out plan that’s taking place, and Clay Siegall is the mastermind of it all. Only time will tell just how far this biotech company will go, but Clay Siegall’s influence on the business is one of the main components to success.

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