The Ancient War Machine: Trabuco

During the middle age era, they used Trabuco during the wartime. It used to crash down masonry walls and it could throw fire projectiles. This was during the enemy attack. The machine used to work similarly like a catapult. It was even referred to as balancing Trabuco so that it could be easy to distinguish from other weapons. Due to its popularity in Brazil, they referred to it as shotguns.

There was an arrival of a machine called counterweight blunderbuss. People believed that it originated from countries that were residing near the Mediterranean where most of the people were Christian and other Muslims according to It was a dangerous machine because it could even launch a projectile that weighed 140 kilos at a high speed where it was even landing 800 meters away. The best thing about the machine was that it used to have a relative accuracy to the target. In some history, trabuco is indicated to have helped fight the biological warfare. This is where it was used to projectile dead bodies which had diseases that were deadly to their war opponents so that they could be infected.


China is the country that was believed to have invented the Trabuco war machine. In around 400 BC, is the time the machine was invented in China but took a long time before European countries could receive it. It was around 600AD when the first time Trabuco war machine was received in Europe. It came to the abandonment of the machine later as technology improved and there was the emergence of gunpowder.

The machine, being a scientific invention has its principles of operation. In the machine, it uses gravitational potential energy where it is converted to form kinetic energy. The mechanism of the potential energy comes from the sling according to During the converting time, some of the potential energy is not formed to kinetic and therefore it will be forced to dissipate forming a friction as a way of losing the energy. It has a counterweight that helps in projecting which should be proportional to the projectile itself. If it is having the same weight, then it will launch a strong projectile.

In the present time, it is no longer a weapon again. It used as a fun where even the teachers are using to explain to the students as an example of basic mechanical principles. In the museum, it’s only one piece that is left there. It was very useful in the wartime and a good process of learning history.

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