We Need More Enterpreneurs Like Drew Madden In Healthcare

It is not an overstatement to say that we desperately need more entrepreneurs like Drew Madden working in the healthcare industry in the United States. Why the cause for alarm and seriousness? Simply because if we fail to get more of them working on the crisis level issues that are facing our country today, it is hard to say where we will be going forward.

The United States has some of the better outcomes in the whole world, but unfortunately we spend a lot of money to achieve those outcomes. We outspend the next closest nation by more than $1,000 per capita. Despite this, we actually have a lower life expectancy rate than do some of those other developed nations. They have found more efficient ways to spend their healthcare dollars.

One of the issues in the United States is that the people who are involved in healthcare often do not have experience in healthcare prior to climbing right into it. They often are thrust into healthcare by a desperate desire to help out a loved one who has been stricken by some disease. While this is admirable in its own right, it also means that there is a lot of untapped talent and potential on the sidelines.

Many people do not understand the challenges of healthcare in the United States, and they do not realize the bounty of opportunity that there is within the industry. Not knowing where to start is a leading problem for not getting more answers to the healthcare problems that we have today.

Going forward, we must encourage more people to get involved in medicine. We also need to push those who are already involved in it to perhaps take up an entrepreneurial cause while they are at it. They just might have the knowledge and experience that is needed to actually solve some of the healthcare problems that we clearly have as a nation. They might hold the key that unlocks huge research developments that bring us that much closer to actually achieving some of the healthcare outcomes that we all hope are part of our future.