How Roberto Santiago Has Led a Successful Career

When Roberto Santiago decided that he was going to become a businessman, he did not know his business ventures were going to be. The businessman, however, has worked hard to achieve the amount of wealth he enjoys at the moment. Roberto Santiago owns one of the largest shopping malls that are based in Brazil, and he is respected because of the success he has enjoyed. His popularity, especially in the modern times proves that the businessman has been doing well. The newbies who want to become successful entrepreneurs have been advised to follow the Roberto Santiago’s footsteps. Santiago has, however, come a very long way.


When Roberto Santiago was born in Brazil many years ago, no one who was close to him knew the kind of future that was waiting for him. Santiago’s parents noticed that their son was bright, even at a very young age. The businessman was always a hard working student who performed so well even in sports. Santiago got a chance to complete his education at one of the local colleges. However, after his graduation, the businessman decided that he was going to venture into the business industry. Because he had not specialized in this section, the trader decided to enroll for a degree in business administration, a career decision he will live to be happy about.


Fortunately, when the businessman was finishing his business degree, he was already equipped with adequate skills to make him survive the business department. The businessman started a company that did very well despite the little capital he had in his account. The small venture gave Roberto Santiago a lot of expertise in business. Roberto Santiago managed to change his career life because of this small business. Santiago raised a lot of money from the small business so that he could use it to start a real estate venture.


The real estate section has always been considered to be an investment for the rich and wealthy companies in the society. When Roberto started his business in real estate, he did not have too many resources. In fact he used the capital from his first company to acquire a piece of land, and this marked the start of a very profitable business. The land was purchased and in two years, one of the largest malls in Brazil was constructed. The great mall has been named Manaira Shopping Mall, and it is an area where families and friends can visit any time of the day and have a lot of fun. The mall is extraordinary. This is because it has most of the amenities that people need to have real entertainment. When visiting this large mall, guests have an opportunity to watch movies, shop and enjoy tasty food at affordable prices.

What You Should Know About Fagali Airport

Previously, this airport was owned by Polynesian Airlines and the government of Samoa. In 2002, this airport was reopened but was later decommissioned in 2005 due to various concerns over safety and noise pollution from villagers and government.

In 2009, the airport resumed its operations that included international flights from Pago Pago, Samoa America soon after its reopening by the Polynesian government. Nevertheless, its reopening was controversial and led to numerous criticism from environmental issues to issues concerning safety. The Airport is situated in Fagali village, 5km east of Apia town in the main island of Upolu.

Some of the airlines that have operated from Fagali airport are :
1. Polynesian Airline
2. Talofa Airways
3. Samoa Airline
4. South Pacific

Its operations include cargo flights and commercial passenger flights from Samoa and American Samoa and chartered flights to big island of Savaii and its neighboring areas such as Tonga and Futuna using its Twin Otter aircraft fleet. In addition, the airline also operates scheduled flights in Samoa America between Pago Pago and Fitiuta Airport in Tau under exemption approval from department of transport in the US according to

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In addition to competitive airfare to locations convenient to its passengers, useful information about the FGI flights for the travel is provided. It is advisable to book the flight 21days prior the travel day for cheapest deal according to Travel on weekdays to escape weekend charges. Fagali airlines makes it easy for its passengers to book cheap flights.

The airline enjoys a unique positioning of been both a commercial airport operator and a commercial airline. It received its certificate of operation under civil aviation rule provisions to undertake aerodrome operations. The airport is restricted to daylight operations and non-instrument operations by aircraft with wing spans less than or equal to 20 metres.

Some of the hotels that are found near Fagali include;
• Insel Fehmarn Hotel
• Taumeasina island resort
• Le Alaimoana hotel
• Eden’s edge
• Amanaki hotel

This airport is managed by a local team with extensive business of airline and splendid experience in operation. It is nevertheless owned by Samoa government 100% and maintains its traditions of offering easy and enjoyable experiences in its chartered services.

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How Bob Reina’s Live Meetings Application Will Change Video Marketing.

Bob Reina has made it his career to be ahead of the pack in the video marketing field. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the most effective marketers in the entire industry. Bob Reina is a former sheriff’s deputy who wanted to take control of his career after a lifetime in public services. Over ten years ago, Reina would go on to create Talk Fusion – a video marketing and direct selling company based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. Throughout the years, Talk Fusion has continued to set and then reset various industry standards and now they are prepared to do it again with their Live Meetings application.

In business, communication is the most important aspect of success. That is why Reina decided to focus early on, in the field of video marketing. Reina knew back in ’07 that in order to succeed in our media-driven world, you must be able to connect with potential clients and consumers through the power of video. This has led Reina and his CTO, Ryan Page, to constantly look for new ways to make that connection seamless and simple. Last year, Reina and Talk Fusion found success with their Video Chat application. Video Chat is an application built on WebRTC tech that allows for seamless video-to-video conversations across any platform, from anywhere in the world.

Following in the footsteps of Video Chat comes Live Meetings. Live Meetings is a conferencing application that is meant to allow companies to broadcast one-way video for an audience of up to 500 people at a time. The catch with Live Meetings is that it is also built using WebRTC technology which means that you are going to see a sleek interface that is fast, effective and incredibly flexible. Learn more:

With WebRTC technology, Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion team have been able to create marketing software that is easy to access and even easier to actually use. Live Meetings and Video Chat are both extremely smooth and crisp of sound and this is particularly important when you are working with consumers who don’t have the patience for errors. Live Meetings can work across platforms and it can work across different networks, all without needing a special installation or browser plugin. Reina and the rest of the Talk Fusion team know that the future is all about being streamlined and efficient so it is only natural that Live Meetings meets that criteria, no pun intended.