Nick Vertucci Dares The Uncertain Field of Poker

The seven-figure decision: Having the Balls to Succeed author Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful real estate investors. He is famous for his real estate academy known as Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He is not only sharp in real estate investments but also an accomplished poker player. Nick made the first breakthrough during his first major poker tournament in Chicago in 2004 when he participated in Chicago tournament at a commercial Casino with other 250 participants. In this tournament, he has staked $ 1500 and managed to win $ 7,530 five times his initial investment.

After the poker championship of 2004, Nick Vertucci continued to sharpen his poker skills by daring the most elegant world poker champions. Despite his commitments to Nick Vertucci real estate academy, he took poker to next stage as a part-time activity. Some of the notable competitors include two-world poker tour champion Esfandiari Antonio the “magician,” four-time world series poker champion Phil Helmut, Famous French poker representative David Benyamine, Irish world poker tour champion Lakk and 2008 world series poker champion Kenny Tran. Though Nick is a part-time poker player, he has earned a spot among celebrity crew such as Jennifer Tilly, and Hendon Mob among others.

Vertucci participated in World Series poker of 2016 with a buyout of $ 1500 with 7190 entrants whereby he was ranked 828th winning $ 2, 532. Nick has improved his poker ranking through his 15 years experience in the game. By October 2018, he had advanced to position 53, 621 on all-time best American money best and further ranked at 66,450 at global poker index.

Nick Vertucci has improved tremendously in poker game though it is part-time as opposed to his competitors who are full-time players. Just like in real estate, Nick has made fortunes whenever he buys a stake in poker.

Adam Milstein Works Tirelessly To Advocate For Jewish People, Nation

He’s widely considered to be among the most influential Jews in the world. Adam Milstein has been a central player in the development and support of not only Jewish culture in America, but has played a key role in Israeli-American relations over the past two decades.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). In just over a decade, the IAC has grown rapidly to become the largest organization of its kind in the world. The group today claims 250,000 active members and continues to grow at a robust pace.

The mission of the IAC is to preserve Israeli and Jewish identity in the United States and to strengthen the overall Jewish community here. It also works to bolster the historic relationship between the United States and Israel.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. He grew to manhood there and entered service with the Israeli Defense Forces at age 19 — just in time to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He served with the forces of general Ariel Sharon in Egypt.

After an honorable discharge from the military, Adam Milstein completed his higher education at the Technion. It was then that he and his young wife, Gila, made the decision to immigrate to America. He completed an MBA at the University of Southern California and then launched his career in real estate investment and development.

Today Adam Milstein is a managing partner with one of the most successful real estate investment firms in California, Hager Pacific Properties. Mr. Milstein has used the financial success he achieved in business to give back to the country and people he loves.

In addition to co-founding the IAC, Milstein created his own philanthropic organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Like the IAC, Mr. Milstein’s private foundation has achieved a track record of success — and that’s because it has been effective.

Today Adam Milstein still feels he has a lot of work to do and continues to advocate through the IAC and his foundation to make the world a better place for people of Jewish heritage.

Betsy Devos: US Education Secretary

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a long history of reforming the education system in her home state of Michigan. In fact, she is considered a pioneer of sorts.


She, along with her husband, Dick DeVos, have used their enormous wealth to put the educational system on a level playing field. She is a huge supporter of educational choice. While her detractors have tried fought tooth and nail to bring her efforts to a halt, she continues to fight.


DeVos has been heavily into politics for over 30 years. She has headed a number of conservative committees, and even served as Republican Party Chairwoman for 10 years.


A great deal of reform has happened through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Charitable Foundation. She also heads a number of organizations including the DeVos Institute for Arts, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and American Federation for Children, to name a few.


DeVos says she’s never been more optimistic about education in her life. Although she ran into some roadblocks in Michigan, she has helped over 250,000 students gain entrance in charter schools in 17 states.


DeVos says she first became interested in the charter school program after visiting the Potter’s House School in Grand Rapids. The private school serves low-income children. DeVos says she was so impressed with the school that she continued to visit. After short time, she and her husband began to support the school financially.


DeVos says she was shocked at the proposition of being nominated for Secretary of Education. She also knew that she was in for the fight of her life.


The individuals who know her best, know she’s quite formidable. While she may come off as plain-spoken and polite, she’s a fighter. In 1990, her husband ran against incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm. Many describe DeVos as Granholm’s worst nightmare.


But now that DeVos is settling in to her new job, she feels a sense of accomplishment. In spite of what her critics say, she has no intention of turning her back on public schools. DeVos says that has never been her position. Her goal is to only make sure children of all socioeconomic backgrounds get a good education.


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With Freedom Checks, Investors Now Have An Innovative New Way To Invest In The Exciting Market Of Natural Resources:

Many everyday, average investors know the name Matt Badiali due to his highly-regarded newsletter Real Wealth Strategist that he puts out through publishing firm Banyan Hill. Matt serves at Banyan Hill as an editor as well as filling the role of the firm’s natural resources expert. This is because his extensive scientific background combined with his constant worldwide travels to inspect the sites where companies extract resources have made him the perfect expert to go to in terms of investing in the natural resources sector.

Another venue that many have heard of Matt Badiali may be from the viral video he recently posted where he talked about one of the most exciting natural resources investment opportunities to hit the financial world in a long time. This opportunity is a Master Limited Partnership investment called Freedom Checks. These Freedom Checks are distributed from natural resources companies and they provide regular payments to those who invest in them.

The truth of the matter is that many investors become hesitant whenever an investment they have never heard of is suggested. This is the case with Freedom Checks but the fact is that those investors who have taken the leap have found that this gamble was well worth it and that these Freedom Checks really do pay off. With the impressive record for consistently being right in regard to natural resource investing, it really is no wonder that there have been a lot of investors that have been willing to take the chance on these Freedom Checks.

The great thing about these unique checks is the fact that it is an easy investment to get into. Shares are simply purchased in a Master Limited Partnership and after that, investors will be paid a dividend on their share in the MLP. This investment also has the fact that it is tax free going for it. When an investor wants to sell their shares, they are able to do so by making use of the tax rate available for capital gains.

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Cloudwick Launches CDL

Cloudwick is a data lake company that helps organizations to manage several types of data from a couple of sources. In 2017, Cloudwick launched CDL, which is the Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity. CDL is designed and developed for leading analytics, data center, cloud, and security vendors such as Intel, AWS, H2O, and Bricata, among others. Cloudwick developed CDL to help digital businesses to deal with threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Persistent Threats, denial of service, botnets, insider threats, and nation-state attacks. CDL is also designed to democratize security analytics at scale as well as unlock the potential of today’s siloed solutions.

CDL come with CDL Capture, which is a fully managed and high-scale ingestion pipeline appliance that can ingest over 100M events per second of telemetry data. It also consists of the CDL Platform – a fully managed cyber appliance that is built to democratize security data, unlock the potential of traditional security solutions and enable machine learning. Moreover, it contains the CDL Manager that delivers secure access to the CDL Platform. CDL also consists of the CDL Cloud, a feature that takes the capabilities of a fully managed cyber data lake solution past the Data Center and onto AWS, thus offering flexibility and agility.

CDL is capable of doing a lot of other things. Besides doing the things mentioned above, it can also power diagnostic and undertake predictive and prescriptive analytics at scale. It is also capable of changing the economics of security for technology, people, and vendors. What’s more, it is also used to help the CRO and CISO establish how, when, and where a breach occurred and the type of exposure. CDL also has One-Click Correlation and CDL Replay features that significantly reduce the time of threat investigation. CDL ingests and analyzes over 100M events per second at wire speeds ranging from 10 Gig to 100+ Gig Networks.

Stream Energy Gives Back to the Society through Corporate Philanthropy

Weather calamities often affect people in different ways. For instance, the people of Houston were displaced from their homes by the Hurricane Harvey. People lost their pets and their loved ones too. Organizations such as Stream Energy offered the victims of the Hurricane Harvey aid through numerous donations.0

Stream Energy is a corporation that deals with the sale of energy. The company uses its profits to offer aid to those who are in need. At the moment, Stream is engaging in philanthropy through their charity foundation known as “Stream Cares.” Through “Stream Cares,” Stream Energy has showcased that philanthropy is an essential part of their brand. By participating in philanthropy, Stream enhances its public image, and they also earn the loyalty of their current clients. When a company has a branch that deals with philanthropy, the executives in the company may utilize the publicity gained with time to shield the company from the negativity that is brought about by scandals and losses.

Statistics also showcase that there many organizations that are engaging in corporate philanthropy alongside Stream Energy. Apart from issuing funds, these organizations also participate in philanthropy by taking part in corporate sponsorship. Stream has even gone a step further, and they have forged long-term relationships with other organizations such as Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity.

As a corporation that engages in corporate philanthropy, Stream mainly emphasizes on eradicating homelessness. Stream is always up to date with the statistics of the homeless people in Dallas. By working together with Hope, Stream is actively tackling the homelessness factor in Dallas. Recently, Hope and Stream came together to pay for the entrance and meal costs at a certain event for more than 1,000 homeless children in North Texas. The event brought many children together, and the employees at Stream were able to entice the children by donating money and supplies. Hope Supply, in turn, donated clothing, diapers, and school supplies for homeless children. Both companies have been working together for more than four years. The people of North Texas were also affected by a tornado in 2016, and they greatly benefited from the philanthropic efforts of Stream Energy. By working together with the Salvation Army, Stream made sure that the victims of the calamity got access to the necessary aid.

The Rise Of Gareth Henry And Where He Is Now

With private credit investing becoming increasingly prevalent, Gareth Henry, a noted financial investor, intends to remain at the cutting edge of developments. The beginning of Henry’s illustrious career began right out of college after Henry earned a degree from the University of Edinburgh. From his fascination with economics to his aptitude for finance, Gareth Henry was destined to hit it big in the financial domain. Before becoming a valued staff member at Fortress Investment Group, Henry assumed numerous jobs at varying investment firms. Schroders, SEI Investments, and Angelo Gordon were among a few.

While Henry was striving to grasp and navigate the intricacies of his craft, his merit emerged. As a result, Henry became a standout in his industry. Earning the title of Head of International Investor Relations is perhaps the most prominent feather in Henry’s cap. Though Henry’s presumed to have reached the pinnacle of his career years ago, he remains a wildly prosperous global investor. Given his notable prestige, Gareth Henry is often asked to divulge his keys to success. According to Henry, garnering feedback from peers is a surefire way to achieve success. Henry maintains that veering from personal opinions helps diversify understandings and assists in pinpointing “internal and external dynamics.”

Above all else, Gareth Henry encourages businesspeople to take a client-oriented approach to their methods. Henry’s devotion to his consumers is admirable, and it’s in large part why he’s held in such high esteem. What’s more, Henry claims that he makes nine calls to clients per day as an attempt to illustrate commitment to gratifying their needs. When he’s not making sincere efforts to serve his clients, Henry is staying up to speed with ongoing trends. Henry fears that if he disregards current events, his expertise will diminish. As resourceful as he is diligent, Gareth Henry will continue to prosper in his field.

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Rocketship Education has Non-certified Instructors managing Large Groups of Students says NPR Blogger…

A Little Bit of Information on Rocketship Education…

We’ll begin with a little history on the company that was attacked; Rocketship Education. Opening it’s first school in 2007, the group is now all over the bay area of California. In a little over ten years, they are so big that companies like Netflix donate several million dollars at a time to them. What’s so wrong with them (according to the blogger?)

Non-certified Teachers Monitoring “Large Groups,” of Students!

This is the idea that the NPR blogger wants to put within the minds of her readers. What information do we need to throw out to be offended? There certainly is no shortage of it. Let’s ignore the fact that the large group of students are busy in a computer learning lab. Even the biased blogger wanted us to imagine how their little faces were buried within computer screens! Let’s not forget about the information we’re disregarding, though…we also must overlook the fact that hired tutors are non-certified. While we’re on this trend, let’s overlook the fact that the actual certified teacher’s time (which happens to be limited,) is strategically employed where it is needed the most. What are we now left with? A scary image where almost 100 children are in a computer lab, doing God knows what, as an incompetent monitor (who also can’t answer software questions for some reason,) begs them to stay in order and not dissent into child anarchy! This is literally what the blogger wants her readers to actually believe. She not only wants them to believe, but also she wants them to act? It’s hard for one’s head not blow up because of how she contradicted herself. In a later part of the blog she claims these teachers are too strict! Maybe if so many NPR readers didn’t work within public schools and possess common sense, she could have gotten away with it?

Deep but Narrow for a Reason!

A few sources have pointed out that the blogger’s piece is deep yet narrow. This impression is left within the mind of an intelligent reader because they can tell information must be missing. It is, just as we have displayed above. If she blogged too deeply, she would accidentally reveal her issues with Rocketship as issues that education in general suffers from.

Jeremy Goldstein and His Sentiments on the Best Employees Compensation Methods

Most businesses seek some professional advice from trusted and professional lawyers who have a lot of exposure in the vast industry. They offer legal advice on the best way to follow during times of disputes. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

The law expert is a graduate of the jury from the University of New York and has been involved in the arbitration cases of so many companies.

He is also the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is a known law firm located in New York City. Jeremy has been on the frontline working with corporations, firms and other industries towards the realization of their goals and he happens to have been on the frontline enhancing better employer-employee relationships.

Jeremy Goldstein has been advising various companies on best methods of compensations. Some companies have been offering stock options in the past, but of late, they happen to have stopped the process due to various uncertainties.

The companies ceased giving out stock options because of what they thought as money saving strategy. Jeremy Goldstein thought otherwise. He gave several reasons why employees and employers fear exercising them.

He said that the value of these options might at times drop significantly and thus making them impossible for the employees to use them. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

Nonetheless, the businesses despite such losses are required to report those expenses.

Jeremy also says that the employees fear these options so much and they prefer being paid the normal salaries. They even say that the possibilities are more related to casino tokens than any other means. These options have complicated accounting entires and result to double work.

This will make some staff more overburdened and thus tend to work without the required motivation. These options are therefore deemed valueless.

Jeremy Goldstein has also given his various reasons as to why these options are essential. He adds that these options are the only alternative since they do not attract other deductions.

While comparing them with shares, he adds that the shares attract taxes which result to additional deductions in future.

Shervin Pishevar says China will crush the bumbling and fractious United States

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most vocal insider critics to come out of Silicon Valley over the last 10 years. As the founder and CEO of Investment company, Shervin Pishevar has had a front-row view to the goings-on of the Valley as well as the larger national tech economy. He is generally critical of the direction in which things are currently headed, characterized primarily by an iron-grip monopoly by the Big Five tech giants, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

China studies while the U.S. takes bong rips

Shervin Pishevar says that the stereotype of the Asian grind, which is so often held and then reinforced at universities throughout the United States, is far more than an amusing caricature. He says that the truth is that China is comprised of a serious, highly intelligent and highly industrious people. Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States has become so fractious, lazy and generally stupid that it is unlikely that the country stands a ghost of a long-term chance against its Sinitic rivals, in terms military, economic and demographic. In short, without major reform, the United States is finished as global hegemon.

Shervin Pishevar cites just one example of millions. He says that a train station in a mid-sized town in China was fully completed in an astounding nine days. Meanwhile, such projects as the Bay Bridge in San Francisco can take more than 10 years to get done in the United States. Completing a major train station in a typical urban locale within America may easily take five years or longer. And, despite the fact that many Americans are unaware of it, rail transport remains one of the most important modes of freight in the country. If China can create a passenger train station in such a short period, they can probably create freight terminals in even less time.

This occurs amid a backdrop of crumbling U.S. infrastructure, which necessarily raises transport and manufacturing costs. Ultimately, Shervin Pishevar says that China’s towering advantage in getting things done will leave America collapsed of exhaustion in the starting blocks as China breezes over the finish line.