Peter Briger is the professional behind the growth of Fortress Investment

Peter Briger has over the years established a successful career in the financial sector. He is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who are aspiring to join the list of top professionals in the industry. Peter is always open to offer advice to other entrepreneurs, and that is why they can significantly benefit from the talented professional. The best part about Peter is that he is experienced and uses this to expand any company after joining the team. That is why he has been trusted to serve as the principal at Fortress Investment Group. Since he joined the company, he has served in different positions after being promoted to various positions. Apart from being a leader at the company, he is also involved in the real estate and credit department.

Peter has worked on the board of directors for many years where he has helped in making the right decisions for the company. Peter Briger has also served in other organizations. For example, he served as the tipping Point director and also served at the Princeton University Investment Company. Before he came to Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger had previously worked for Goldman Sachs where Peter rose to become a partner at the company. He worked for various positions like trading business, loan sales, Asian Real Estate among others. Peter gained a lot of experience when he was working at Goldman Sachs and helped the organization to become one of the best banks when it comes to providing services for customers.

Peter Briger is a leader and professional who has built one of the best portfolios starting from his education. Having attended great institutions like Princeton and Wharton Business School, Peter was ready to begin his career. Peter is an alumnus of Princeton University and went back to the school where he has been helping students to become successful entrepreneurs. He has been working with students from the institution who are aspiring to venture into the financial sector. Peter has shown others that with dedication and hard work, there is room to succeed. He started from a humble background but has gone his way up to join the list of billionaires in Forbes. He has succeeded because he has always been passionate about the things he loves doing. He is also keen on doing everything according to the plan he has. His life has been a dream that he has turned into reality. It is never easy accomplishing the level of success that he has.

Too Many People Go To The Emergency Room For No Good Reason, Says Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Emergency rooms exist so people can have their urgent health issues addressed promptly. While not all issues’ symptoms are life-threatening, waiting just minutes longer for emergency healthcare services in certain situations can result in serious injuries or even death. As such, emergency rooms’ widespread availability across the United States is undeniably positive for the welfare of people living in – or simply visiting – the US.

Too many people use the emergency room

That’s right – too many people visit the emergency room here in the United States. This isn’t because people in the United States are inherently unhealthy or there are tons of traumatic events that cause serious injuries; rather, people turn to the emergency room because they’re more convenient than seeing primary care providers, ER departments are legally required to see patients, and waiting for appointments are “regular” doctors’ offices can take weeks.

The overuse of emergency rooms here in the United States is a systemic issue

Anywhere between 30 and 40 percent of an area’s constituents regularly – or somewhat regularly, at least – see emergency room doctors. According to a February 2016 survey titled “Patients’ Perspectives on Health Care in the United States” published by National Public Radio in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard University’s School of Public Health, roughly one of every three Americans see an emergency room physician when they’re in need of medical treatment.

A 2014 meta-analysis called “Emergency Department Visits for Nonurgent Conditions: Systematic Literature Review” used data from 1990 to determine just how many emergency room visits saw patients who were not considered to be in need of urgent care. Entered into the American Journal of Managed Care, roughly 37 percent of trips to emergency rooms across the United States were made by patients who didn’t need urgent care.

Florida’s emergency rooms are seen by patients with non-urgent symptoms as often as any other state

According to Robert Blendon, a full professor at Harvard University, just short of 33 percent of Floridians had visited an emergency room for a non-urgent healthcare issue throughout the two years before the 2016 interview conducted by Abe Boraya, a reporter working with a Florida-based National Public Radio affiliate.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an emergency room doctor in Tallahassee, Florida, recently shared that people frequent the emergency room at the hospital he works at for non-urgent issues – no hospital’s emergency department is free from seeing patients without urgent presentations of symptoms.

Dr. Forsthoefel firmly believes that this issue needs to be fixed because people in need of prompt care typically have to wait longer to get the help they need. Further, the resources of emergency department staffs around the United States are routinely stretched beyond what they can handle. Lines in emergency rooms are rarely consistent; staffing more people in anticipation of long lines at emergency departments would invariably result in avoidable losses for hospitals, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel claims.

Dr. Saad Saad on Things Children Try to Swallow and What to Do To Help Prevent It

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has used his skill and expertise to remove foreign objects from the esophagus and trachea of more than 1,000 children in his 40 plus year career. In his time as a surgeon, he has removed everything from food to a toothbrush from the bodies of children ranging from 6 months of age to 14 years old. In a recent interview  Found Here  he discussed many of his experiences and offered some advice to parents and caregivers of children.


Children are naturally curious and will often put things in their mouth and can easily ingest them. This holds to be especially true for young children and can often be a difficult time for parents. Normally, the objects a child ingests will simply pass through to the stomach without issue, however, sometimes these objects become lodged In the food pipe or go down the windpipe into the lungs. Signs that may indicate that this has occurred can include trouble breathing, wheezing, or trouble swallowing.


Three objects Dr. Saad commonly dealt with were coins, peanuts, and hot dogs. Smaller objects such as peanuts typically get lodged in a child’s windpipe. larger objects like a coin will normally get caught in the child’s food pipe.


With children under 6 years of age, turn the child upside down, holding them by their legs tap on their back. most times the object will pop out following this procedure. With older children, perform the Heimlich maneuver to clear the object from the child’s throat. In either case, if these maneuvers do not help, the child needs to be taken to the nearest emergency room immediately. Under no circumstances should a parent attempt to scoop the object out of a child’s throat with a finger, doing so can push the object further into the child’s body.


Dr. Saad says he considers batteries to be the most dangerous objects a child can get lodged in their esophagus. Due to their small size children can easily swallow them and once they are ingested batteries can leak acid, leading to severe burns to the stomach or esophagus of the child.


Dr. Saad offered three rules to help prevent a child from getting foreign objects trapped in their food or windpipe. To begin with, never allow children less than 2 years of age to have hot dogs. Hot dogs can completely block the food pipe of younger children. Next, do not permit children under 7 years of age to eat peanuts. Last, carefully observe children at play to ensure they keep inappropriate objects out of their mouth. Learn more :

EOS Lip Balm Is a Creative Little Ball of Fun

Who could have imagined that a little, colored ball in your purse could bring such a smile? With delectable scents and flavors, EOS lip balms are now the go-to balm of choice for many women. And, it all started with two men, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra.

EOS lip balm is a product that filled a need no other lip balm did and was designed specifically for women. Market research provided information on exactly what women were looking for in their lip care, and everything from the shape of the container, to the flavor of the balm itself, came from ideas provided by women. The product has now been on the market for over ten years and is leading the way in lip balm sales. It has also been featured in music videos and on multiple social media platforms.

EOS, which stands for evolution of smooth, is a lip balm made for today’s consumer. The balm itself is made with natural ingredients and is certified organic. It is also nourishing, containing vitamins C and E, as well as sunscreen in the active balms, something most women want in their beauty products, along with being a product that looks, feels and smells fabulous.

The company and product launch were planed very deliberately, and a scalable plan was put in place to assure growth could be managed well. Initially launched in the U.S. in 2007, the company continues to grow across the world and expand its line with skincare products. They are always working on new and fun flavors for their lip balms.

Can Lime Crime Cosmetics Sustain Its Success

One of the hottest fields in modern-day time is the cosmetics industry. This exclusive field of work is full of high-profile brands and is loaded with ingenuity. As of late, there seems to be only one company/brand that is changing the landscape. This revolutionary is known as Lime Crime cosmetics, and it has ushered in a new era of style thanks to its brilliant makeup. This flamboyant company has been in existence for a decade, and it has steadily climbed its way to the apex of the community. It would be extremely hard trying to find another beauty brand that can offer the same amount of dazzling color. Dazzling color is LC’s forte. Doe Deere, the company’s founder, has used her very own style to turn this exceptional company into a huge success.

Expansion is one of the keys to success. Yes, you can stay within a certain sector of business to remain successful. If you want to take things to the next level, then you’ll definitely need to put together a plan of attack. As of 2018, cruelty-free makeup products are all the rage. The people in today’s contemporary society are seeking healthier solutions in a number of fields and subjects. The United Kingdom perfectly personifies this notion to the fullest. The UK is experiencing a revolution in a sense, especially when it comes to cruelty-free products. Lime Crime already has a strong past for being an animal cruelty-brand. By introducing its extensive list of products to the UK market, the sky is surely the limit.

Questioning this company’s ability to sustain itself sounds a bit foolish. All of the pieces are in place, and all of the stars are aligning. Lime Crime is definitely in prime position to take its business to the next level, and that’s a fact.

What Is Dr. Clay Siegall’s Mission in Cancer Research

Cancer research plays a vital role in developing new cancer-fighting medications and without this research, the industry would come to a quick pause. There are many top-rated organizations that specialize in the subject, but Seattle Genetics takes things to a whole new level. Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, but who knew that it would grow into such a powerhouse of a business. Clay Siegall was just one of a handful of individuals who started this organization. As of 2018, Siegall has become the organization’s CEO. This Seattle-based biotech firm is looking to spread its wings by attaining its international-marketing rights. This is a very complex situation, but this organization has opened an office in Switzerland to bring this idea into fruition.

Clay Siegall has numerous talents, including being a savvy businessman. He is using his knowledge to turn Seattle Genetics into a global powerhouse that produces its own products as well is owning its marketing rights. Seattle Genetics is trying to “buck the trend” of biotech companies that end-up being sold to larger pharmaceutical companies. Siegall has made sure that it never comes to this, which is why the company keeps numerous medications in its pipeline of success. Thanks to the huge success of its medications, Seattle Genetics has experienced rapid growth. Over the last few years, the company’s stock was $20 per share. As of 2018, that same stock is now worth $66 per share. That’s right! In 2016, Seattle Genetics’ sales reached over $400 million.

As you can see, there’s a well-thought-out plan that’s taking place, and Clay Siegall is the mastermind of it all. Only time will tell just how far this biotech company will go, but Clay Siegall’s influence on the business is one of the main components to success.

Career Achievements of Peter Briger

Peter Briger has made a name for himself through the notable achievements and developments he has brought in the field of investment. He is the president and chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, an investment firm that has helped many companies make it through the industry by offering the advice and guidance about investments. Peter serves as the chairman and the head of credit and real estate facility of the firm. He has been serving as the co-chairman of the firm’s board since 2009.

Peter Briger has shown a great dedication towards his work and he is today referred as the king of debt. He has earned the respect of many people for his ability to help bankrupt firms pick up their pieces and increase their productivity.

Briger flaunts over 15 years of experience in the field of investment. He served at Goldman Sachs as the firm’s partner for 15 years through which he gained vast experience in his field of specialization. He works closely with his team of employees to come up with solutions to handle the various challenges that investment firms face.

Additionally, Peter is ranked among the 400 list of billionaires. He has a net worth of $1.2 billion and he is among the self-made billionaires that inspire people. His ability to share ideas with other people has also highly contributed to his notable successes and a vast number of people strive to seek his counsel. Besides, Peter Briger is also passionate about shining light on other people and as a philanthropist, he has donated funds to help young entrepreneurs develop their career. He is known for the numerous funds he donated at the Princeton entrepreneurship firm with an aim of mentoring young people. Through the donation, the renowned investor gave the young entrepreneurs a chance to express their thoughts about the field of entrepreneurship as well as make their dreams a reality. Peter Briger has also given entrepreneurs a chance to develop their firms through the various projects he has been involved in of giving them them insight regarding the field. His kindness has seen him emerge as one of the most sought out entrepreneurs of all time.

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert – Early Career Life

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is one of the successful people in business. His success has come through good management of the companies he has worked for. He has an admirable track record as a corporate leader. He has led the company he has worked for with great commitment. His biggest record is at UTC where he spent much of his career life. He made this business great by steering it in a direction that saw it make huge profits every year. At the time of departure from the company, he was the CEO for 6 years. In this period, his achievements were remarkable. He managed to achieve good results that could not have been seen before.

Louis Chenevert focused his efforts on making the company better through better production methods. Chenevert who has worked in the production department all his life has great knowledge about how efficiently production system should be run and used this knowledge to make UTC a great company.

From a young age, Louis Chenevert wanted to be a businessman. It is for this reason that when he joined HEC Montreal University School of Business, he took a degree in Production Management. He gained vital knowledge about production, and that is how he has managed to be a top production manager. With the knowledge he had acquired in class, he went into the industry and started practicing. He first worked in the auto industry where he worked with General Motors. Here, he gained experience on how large scale production should be done. He also understood how to go about the production of products efficiently. At GM, it took approximately one minute to produce one vehicle. With such a high production rate, there is no room for petty errors; Everything has to be done with great precision.
His knowledge in the production plant in the auto industry enabled him to manage his career easily when he moved to the aerospace industry. He worked for Pratt & Whitney, a jet engine production company which was under United Technologies Corporation (UTC) before he rose to the position of CEO of UTC. His growth was facilitated by the good results he displayed.

Nabors CEO Tony Petrello makes an impact through philanthropy

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling company in the world. It has its headquarters in Texas. It was started about five decades ago but only recently did it become a strong company after the entry of Tony. He joined the firm in 1991 after leaving a career in the legal industry as a lawyer. His contribution in the oil and gas drilling industry has transformed the industry by creating innovative technology which is serving the on-land drilling industry. Tony has risen to be one of the top corporate executives in the country despite not coming from a rich background. He started from a humble beginning and made sure that he worked on attaining his goals. In 2015, he was ranked as one of the top paid CEO in the country due to his tenure and contributions in the industry.

Tony Petrello has also made sure that his career life benefits others in the society who are going through challenges but have nowhere or no one to run to. Since he has already created enough wealth through his professional career, he is now focusing on helping the people who are in dire need of assistance,. He has been supporting various charitable causes which he feels will change the lives of the target group.

Tony Petrello is concerned about the needs of the children suffering from neurological conditions. He has helped them realize a good life just like every other child. He has seen the struggles that these children go through by looking at the life of his daughter who is one of those suffering from a neurological disorder. Tony Petrello is trying to support these children by supporting their treatment. He has supported the construction of a medical center of in Texas that will research the cause and treatment of neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello together with his wife named Cynthia has been very passionate towards this research center because they know it will be of great value to their daughter. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston. Petrello has already contributed $5 million to this center which has gone to the hiring of the world’s best doctors and surgeons who will carry out research.

Tony Petrello is using position now to influence the lives of others. With his position of CEO, he has made enough for himself and is now finding it prudent to spend the rest of his life supporting needy causes.

Learn More:

Robert Deignan: The Man, The Legend

It takes quite a while for an individual to become a legend. Unless he or she is exceptional at what they do. A piece of advice that our current President and extremely successful businessman, Donald Trump gives is to be on the winning team. Stick with those that win and you will win. For this reason, is it self evident through his actions and the numbers (which don’t lie) that Robert Deignan is a winner.

Robert Deignan is the kind of guy that takes quotes from people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to heart. He obtains the knowledge of the greats in the business world and then applies them to his own life and to his own business ventures. Knowledge is sometimes mistaken as intelligence, but intelligence is actually the application of knowledge. And that is what Robert Deignan does flawlessly. He is humble enough to admit that he is not at the level as people like Elon, but that also is one of the reasons for his success.

Maybe wisdom and humility are not prerequisites for becoming successful, but they are definitely common traits among those who become wealthy doing what they love. They also seem to be the ones that have the capability to maintain their wealth. Robert Deignan is on the continuous and steady, yet highly effective progression of his own lucrative business.

Robert Deignan’s success did not happen overnight and it most definitely did not happen easily. Robert has always been a hard worker and persistent at following his dreams, fulfilling his desires, and accomplishing his goals. This is notable by the fact that he was not only a graduate of Purdue University, but also by making it to the professional football league. He even got to play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets.

Mr. Deignan’s advice doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. His effectiveness is due to his innate ability to listen to and follow his gut. Following your gut seems like simple advice, but even Roger goes on to state that it took him years to train himself to follow his gut after multiple lessons that he learned from not doing so the first time.